Phan love

This is my first fan Fic so don't judge me. This is the cute story of how Dan Howell meet his loving and amazing husband Phillp Lester. I promise u will get addicted.


4. Chapter 4

Phil's POV

(On The Phone With Dan ) Hey So When Can We Get Together Again I Really Miss You. I Miss You Too Phil. OMG PHIL ITS 1:00 IN THE MORNING AND I HAVE A TEST OMG I HAVE TO GO!! But Talk To You Tomorrow? Oh Yeah Of Course And Good Luck On The Test. Thanks I'm Gonna Need It. (The Next Day) [Phil Talking To His Bff Mandy) So Mandy I Need Your Help We Go On Break Un Rxactly 2 Days and I Want To Surprise My Boyfriend Dan For His Birthday!!

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