Phan love

This is my first fan Fic so don't judge me. This is the cute story of how Dan Howell meet his loving and amazing husband Phillp Lester. I promise u will get addicted.


2. Chapter 2

It's was the day after the concert and Phil was on the phone with Dan. SoDan what movie would you like to go see? Phil had asked. Dan told Phil to choose. So Phil choose The Lion King. When Phil picked dan up for the movies. Dan asked can we get the couple seats? Phil asked why would we get the COUPLE seats. Do you think this is a date Dan? No!! Of course not! I just want the recline able chairs!! Ohh ok. Sorry! ( Later At The Theater.) Hey Dan you want to share a popcorn? Sure why not? (After the movie) Hey Dan You want to hang out at my house for A bit and listen to a little Panic. (At Phil's house.) Wow dan you have an amazing voice. And You have sexy eyes. Really dan!! Yeah! Hey so I have to tell you something I have never told anyone before. What is it Dan. Are you dieing? No Phil! I'm Gay. Oh my gosh!! Can i tell you a secret Dan? Of course Phil ! I'm Gay to.

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