Phan love

This is my first fan Fic so don't judge me. This is the cute story of how Dan Howell meet his loving and amazing husband Phillp Lester. I promise u will get addicted.


1. Chapter 1

Hello my name is Daniel James Howell

and this is the story of how I met my amazing husband Phil. So about 3 years ago I was at a Panic! At The Disco concert . So we both had V. I.P tickets. So I was waiting in line and This guy was standing by me. When he looked behind him and saw that me and some guy named Phil were wearing the same shirt and he yelled twins. After that I apologized to him because of that little scene that the guy had made. He accepted it and asked what seat I had after I told him he saw that we both sat next to each other and is did awesome now I will have someone I know sitting by me and not a stranger. After the concert it was about 10 pm I asked Phil if wanted to go get coffee. He said yes and asked were. So I asked him starbucks or Dutch bros. He said starbucks. After starbucks I asked him when we would get together again he said how about a movie tomorrow I said ok .

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