.This story is about dealing with anxiety and depression/


1. The Corner

I lie in the corner crying my eyes out, thinking about my life, my past,my future, the things that I have done, the things I feel guilty for, the things I'm scared of. I stand up wiping my eyes with my sweater, heading to wash my face so nobody notices I was crying. I get ready to go to school, I put my jacket on then my backpack and I head to the door to go get on the bus. I get on the bus and sit calmly as I get closer and closer to school I hesitate, I count to 10 and try to calm myself down. I walk in walking as slow as I can, I go inside and I see a lot of people staring at me, at least that's how I felt, I keep on walking to go sit with my "friends", I sit down and talk and smile, I pretend like nothings wrong with me, But really their is something wrong with me, I want to burst into tears, but I wont do that. The bell rings I walk to my classes, I watch the clock, while time passes I think about what I did, that will always be on my mind. Time passes I go to my last class, The bell rings and I leave to get on the bus. When I get home, I start remembering things, I start to cry and go to the corner, Where I always find comfort. I sit there thinking, "Why did I do that", "I could have prevented that", " IT WAS MY FAULT". I fell asleep there. I woke up in the middle of the night and start to cry again. I start to remember the times I cried in this corner the very first time. I remember all my thoughts in this corner. I thought about all the times I felt guilty for what I did to my best friend, It wasn't easy. The corner is very special to me. That's where I keep my stuffed animal Toby, Toby is my best friend he will never break my trust, He is always their for me when I need him. As it begins to get dark outside I think to myself "It is going to start all over again". I walk to my bed and lay down, I try to go to sleep but I just toss and turn. I hate not being able to go to sleep because it reminds me of what I did in the past. I start to tear up not wanting to start crying because if don't want to awake anyone. It was too late I burst into tears not knowing I did. I try to calm myself down but I cant, I try to go to sleep but I cant. So I get my blanket and walk towards the corner I get a pillow and put it down I lay down and still thinking about what I did. I cry myself to sleep and I found comfort in the corner.

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