The mocking. The jeering. The taunting. Her mother had always tried to steer her away from all of that at her Muggle school, hoping that she wouldn't be a Squib and could go to Hogwarts. Maybe she could fit in there. Maybe they wouldn't see her disability as a drawback, maybe as a strength. Maybe she would make some friends. Maybe Willow Huckabye wouldn't be considered different.


1. Prologue

 The tall woman held the hand of a small girl. As they walked across the Muggle street, another little girl ran up to the one holding her mother's hand and started chattering. The girl holding the hand started to cry. The second girl asked the woman why she was crying. The woman sighed and told her that her daughter, named Willow, couldn't hear. It was a major drawback, but she was getting through it. At least she thought she was, but she didn't really know.

 Willow, who had dried her tears, ran away from the girl, towards a random house on that street on which they lived. The other mother ran up and apologized to Willow's. Willow's mother prayed and hoped that Willow wouldn't be a Squib, just so she might be able to make friends in the Wizarding World. Who knew what the future would hold.


   A few days later, their family would move. Willow Huckabye would never be considered normal, not only because the Muggles had diagnosed her to be deaf, but that she would become a witch at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The Huckabyes would move to Godric's Hallow, where they heard about the same thing as the whole Wizarding World: the fact that Lily and James Potter had been murdered by You-Know-Who, and that little Harry, who was two years younger than Willow, had survived. 

  Willow would grow up and go to Hogwarts, but first, the story must begin...


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