60 Seconds of Fate

If you live in this world, you follow his rules, or treason will take over.
If you don't live in this world, good for you! You can live a happily ever after life where everything is sunshine and rainbows!
If you are me, and you must pick between everything peachy or warlords watching your every step, making sure you do what's told. You mind as well think, "Oh! This is easy! I'll go live on unicorn and daisy street!"

Basically, my name is Cassie Roseburn, I was born on December 4, 2025, I'm 18, my life feels like a hopeless wreck and blah blah, yada yada you get the point. Remember that message about 3-4 lines above this one? Bet you do! You're thinking, "Why don't you want a happy life?" Well smile-a-lot it's because I would be leaving my family to fend for themselves in the shadow district, A.K.A the Kingdom of Living Hell, and I would be eating cotton candy and singing, "Over the rainbow!" for the rest of my life. But, I really wouldn't want to live in the "Welcome to deat


1. Prologue

The king beams down at me, his gaze looking like I'm bait waiting for him on a silver platter. "Cassie Roseburn," his voice booms across the dull silence. "Do you have any idea why I summoned you here today?"

"Uhm... because vanilla is better than chocolate?" I snicker, raising a brow. His face stiffens into a chilling stare as he hisses, "No, and if you wish to joke again you can meet me in the hanging room and say hello to your grave." My mouth clamps shut before I can say a comeback and I shrug my shoulders. He sighs and walks down to my eye level, having to bend down on one knee just so his eyes stare deep into my soul -- if I have one.

"Well my stupid little madam, it's because of fate," He says, his voice dropping ten octaves lower. My eyes shrink and I manage out the words, "Because. of. f-f-fate?" His smile touches the tips of his cheeks as he nods his head. Without a word, I quickly knock him to the ground and make a run for it, the sounds of the guards boots already close. I go to jump over the fence when a ruff hand grabs the collar of my shirt and points the tip of his gun to the back of my neck. I slap his arms and kick his thighs, much like a 2-year-old would do when they're throwing a temper tantrum over not being able to get the newest my little pony sets, and feel his finger lock onto the trigger, followed by a quiet click of the bullet waiting to be released. My body freezes and I drop to the ground, hands up in an, "I surrender!" manner. His gun lowers as they all grab my arms and drag me back to the -- referred as a prison in my mind -- castle. The king looks furious, a horrifying dancing image of fire blazing in his eyes.

"You really are stupid aren't you, you damn brat?" He sneers, slapping me hard across the cheek. I grit my teeth at him and mutter, "Why fate, if I may ask?" He gives me a devilish grin.

"Why? Because, if it weren't fate, how else would I make your life interesting?" He chuckles.

"Maybe by letting me live it first?" I respond.

"No, that would be boring."

"But it would be fair! Do you even know what that means?"

"Oh of course. It means watching everything be happily ever after where the princess and the prince fall in love, the evil becomes good, the bad guy looses, and everything goes swell. In that world, it repeats over and over, with the same FATE! And wouldn't you think of that as the world on the other side of the border?"

Everyone had fallen silent. It was true. On the other side of the border was happy land, where everything was fair, perfect, PEACHY. Where bad became good, where the princess and the prince always fell in love. Where the bad guy always lost.

The thought alone gives me the creeps.

I sigh. "Fine, you have a point," I mutter. He pats my head. "Glad you understand. Now then, there's something we need to discuss, and even your small mind knows what it's about," he declares, throwing his arms up like it's the most important thing in the world. I nod my head slowly, not even bothering to make eye contact with him. The king twirls like a ballerina and faces me once more, forcing my gaze to lock onto his. "As you know, you were born on the border, which means you never had a particular home you lived in, which meant that you could roam freely, which isn't fair for both sides." He stops for a dramatic pause, which makes the crowd on edge, except for the guards, who are always proper and straight back against the wall. "So, it is by law, and agreement of the lands, that you must decide. But, with a catch." Another dramatic pause. "Every day, you will be sent to either land for only 60 seconds of tour, life, and rules. After a course of a month, you should, and will, have all the information you need. By then the lands will meet, and with another 60 second time limit, you shall decide which side you want to live on. No changing of minds, no extra time, and no "I don't know?" statements." My mouth gapes wide open and my eyes shrink to the size of skittles. He raises his arm and opens his hand for a shake. I hesitate, and he slowly becomes impatient, so the guards walked right behind my back and reach for their guns. I whip my hand into his and shake it lightly. "Good," he says in utter boredom. With a light shove, I tumble out of the castle and hear the doors swing shut behind me.

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