60 Seconds of Fate

If you live in this world, you follow his rules, or treason will take over.
If you don't live in this world, good for you! You can live a happily ever after life where everything is sunshine and rainbows!
If you are me, and you must pick between everything peachy or warlords watching your every step, making sure you do what's told. You mind as well think, "Oh! This is easy! I'll go live on unicorn and daisy street!"

Basically, my name is Cassie Roseburn, I was born on December 4, 2025, I'm 18, my life feels like a hopeless wreck and blah blah, yada yada you get the point. Remember that message about 3-4 lines above this one? Bet you do! You're thinking, "Why don't you want a happy life?" Well smile-a-lot it's because I would be leaving my family to fend for themselves in the shadow district, A.K.A the Kingdom of Living Hell, and I would be eating cotton candy and singing, "Over the rainbow!" for the rest of my life. But, I really wouldn't want to live in the "Welcome to deat


2. A Cat, and a Decision

I sneak over the gates and throw my bow onto the ground. Crows circle the sky in the distance, and the sun is blocked by dark, swirling clouds. A small creaking noise creeps behind my back, but I don't budge.

"Staring into space again miss Roseburn?"

I jump and whirl around to hear the familiar purring of Scruff.

"Hello fur ball," I mimic in his cat-like voice, watching as he shape shifts to become a shirtless boy perched on a fence.

"Ha ha very funny, but I don't sound like that," he retorts, smacking the bottom of my chin. I turn my head up at him, and don't even blink before he's a cat again. "So why you hanging on the fence again?" he asks, licking his paw and dragging it across his whiskers. "You've done that for almost three days in a row now."

"Me? I'm hearing the voice of that biiiiii-" I drag the i, knowing that cursing might influence drama on the other side. Scruff tilts his head, waiting for me to finish. "iiish. Fish! Fish I said!" I sputter.

"Yeah... uh huh."

"Shut up! You do it too Scruff!"

"I'd like you to call me by my human name."



I give him a small side smile and glance back over at the kingdom. "It's just... I don't... I want... He's... I'm... GAAAHHHHH DAMN ME!" I holler into the air, seeing weird glares from people on the other side of the fence. I stick my tongue out at them and shoo them back to their own business.

"Having troubles with the king again?" he asks. "What's wrong with having a dignified other?"

"Ha ha very funny..."

"No really. You know how I'm a shape shifter right?"


"Well, when I was-"

"Here we go..." I interrupt. He just goes on anyways.

"When I was 9, the king heard of it and grew enraged. He knew that I had higher capabilities, and he knew with that I could out throw him from his throne."


"So?" he lets out a small hiss. "After all of that you just say 'so'?!"

"Sorry! Continue."

He rolls his eyes the best he can and continues. "Almost immediately, he kidnapped my family and extracted most of my 'magic', thinking he could just take a shot and have it for himself. When nothing happened, he forced me into prison for it being my fault and made me watch my family's execution. That's why I ran away and hide by the fence, pretending to be an outdoor pet for this lame side." he nudges his head in the direction of the happy side of the fence, and stares glumly at his paws. My face shows nothing but bewildered shock.

"You went through all of that?"

"Yeah... I just never told anyone until today."

"Colin I'm so sorry!" I try to hug him, but hugging a mound of fur isn't the easiest.

"Don't feel sorry, that was years ago. Besides, I want to hear what he plans do do with you!" A sudden wave of excitement rolls over him, his small teeth gleaming with anticipation. I sit next to Colin and set him on my lap.

"It was just last week... the king had forced my parents to tell him where I was, and so the next day I was brought before his throne. I gave him a punch, but was dragged back to be slapped like a sack of meat." I pause and rub the bruise on the side of my cheek. "He told me that I couldn't be a border baby anymore, that I had to make a choice. Now, starting on Saturday, if I don't make a decision, I'll have to spend only a minute on both sides to choose where I want to be."

"Just stay with me."

"Excuse me?" I stare down at Colin, to see his eyes more adorable than ever.

"You heard me. Just tell him that you'll stay over on this side with me, minus the 'with me' part."

"But Colin, my family."


That was the first time he had called me my real name. I slowly meet his gaze and choke on a bubble of air that had been held in my throat. I stroke his fur once and drag my fingers through my hair. He unlocks from my eyes and gazes over towards the kingdom.

"You understand that if you go over there you could never come back?" Colin chokes up, "He could whip you, slap you, stab you, betray you, enslave you, kill you." He stops and notices me clasp my hands around my face. He knows that I don't want any of that, he knows I want to see my family, to feel their grasp again.

But he knows that I don't want to leave him.

He shape shifts back into his human form and I exhale from his weight crushing my thighs.

"Woops," he mumbles with no tendency to care. I gently shove him off of my lap and begin picking at my arrows.

"Listen Colin, either way I'm stuck living in a place I don't belong. I know you care, I do too, but if anything your choice is just the sun hoping to appear behind a dark storm. This has to come from me." I quickly make sure no one is around and whisper in his ear, "even if that means listening to a dang retard make no sense 24/7." He laughs and slaps my back. I beam and pick my bow back up, putting around my shoulder. "Well, I'll be off then." Colin's face turns to a silly pout.

"Why so soon?"

"Because I have a life."

"Fine." He waves me off and I begin to march away. He realizes that he forgot to say something and jumps off the fence. "Muffin wait!" (That's one of his nicknames for me... all because I kept throwing store muffins at him for choosing Snorts as one of my new nicknames) I tilt my head in his direction and walk back over to him suddenly being wrapped into a bear hug. I smile and pull away. "Good luck, and know one thing... you are adorable when you flirt." He falls to the ground dying as my face flushes with embarrassment. I smack him in the butt and walk away red in the cheeks.

"Okay! Bye Flirt-A-Lot!"

"COLIN I SWEAR TO GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

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