Outlier: Restart

To be honest with you all, the original series had abundance of unrelated information as well as large plot holes that ruined the series. Too much narration, unbalanced strength, and lack of proper setting establishment also played major role in ruining the entertainment. Therefore! Behold! The New series, Outlier: Restart, shall rectify the old standard!
"Does common knowledge matter to you?"
<Update: New Cover by NamesFromGraves>


29. The Lord (9)

"How much is your energy consumption? Isn't it dangerous for you to even talk to me?" Chimera asked.

"Imagine that you are giving your clones enough power to be at least be half of your strength," I explained.

"That really is tough," Chimera replied.


The boy's consciousness seems to be in better condition.


The process of this surgery was simple: 

1) Reconstruct the entire body system of the area where the acid is concentrated at.

2) After reconstructing the majority of the body, use decaying carefully to remove the medium sized reasons.

3) Use electromagnetism to control the body movement to carry the last bit of acid to certain spot where it will be annihilated by the decay.




The boy woke up.

"How long has it passed since..." the boy was in hurry.

"Anyway, what date is today?" he asked.

"Today is the May 9th, 3018 by Ardonian Calendar," I replied.

"I found you a day after the injury and it took you the next day to be at your current condition."

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