Outlier: Restart

To be honest with you all, the original series had abundance of unrelated information as well as large plot holes that ruined the series. Too much narration, unbalanced strength, and lack of proper setting establishment also played major role in ruining the entertainment. Therefore! Behold! The New series, Outlier: Restart, shall rectify the old standard!
"Does common knowledge matter to you?"
<Update: New Cover by NamesFromGraves>


33. The Lord (13)

"It doesn't matter who you are! I am interested in that abilities, or should I say magic, that she has!" he shouted.

<Level Eight - Universal Forces(Gravity)>

The person who even generated a sun was simply overpowered by the figure that appeared before him.

"Even though we are at the same level!" he couldn't accept defeat.

"I will finish both of you!" he prepared for his suicidal attack.

<Ability Copy - Chain Explosives>

He caused explosions everywhere without paying attention to his own injuries.

<Universal Forces(Gravity) - Space Manipulation>

The space was twisted.

"Unless you are not limited to physical attacks, there is no way that you are able to even leave a mark on my body," the person spoke with intimidating tone.

"I am able to disintegrate matters to its simplest form, redirect attacks, and change the amount of force that you are able to apply on me. Do you still dare to hold your fangs against me?" 

"How are we in the same level and there is a large difference between us?" he shouted.

"Do you know how much it took for me to come to this way? I betrayed everyone around me just to get the abilities!" 

"Do you understand starting out with the bare minimum?"

"I couldn't even walk without being supported by anyone else."

"It seems that your ability correlates with your physical and mental condition!"

"If it wasn't for all I have been doing! I would have been treated worse than any one of you!" 


"Does that automatically give you permission to take away other's happiness?" I(Chris) clinched my fist.

"What right do you have to steal someone's happiness to gain yours?" I slowly walked over to the place where the Vice Commander was.

"I understand that growing on such environment have influenced you to do this, but that doesn't mean that you have the right to do so," I glanced over the Vice Commander who was sitting anxiously on the grass covered ground.

"But it is wrong to place down your ideal to innocent people!" 

While Vice Commander was about to make his final resistance on me, I simply punched him right on his face without any martial art, abilities, and skills involve in it.

"I had already used up most of my stamina before I came here. This ability requires way more control than yours," I explained.

"You and I were at the same condition - lacking special abilities and tired."

"If your logic is right, then wasn't there chance that you could have beat me this time?"

"Listen, it isn't the difference between abilities that have been making you weak."

"It is your lack of motivation - you don't have someone that you want to protect or help or the cause that you need to defeat others."

"If it is the matter of the environment that you are in. Why not create a place yourself where it won't be repeated."

"I will give you another chance."
"Meet my expectations."

"Yes," the Vice Commander spoke.

"By the way, you only seem to be around my age," I spoke.

"What is your name anyway?" 

"It is Ale-" he was interrupted by a upcoming arrow which had already penetrated through his chest when he had found out about it.

"Who is it?" I shouted.

"It is us... The Thirteen Commanders."

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