Outlier: Restart

To be honest with you all, the original series had abundance of unrelated information as well as large plot holes that ruined the series. Too much narration, unbalanced strength, and lack of proper setting establishment also played major role in ruining the entertainment. Therefore! Behold! The New series, Outlier: Restart, shall rectify the old standard!
"Does common knowledge matter to you?"
<Update: New Cover by NamesFromGraves>


4. A Unique Child (3)

At the Examination Site

"Ladies and Gentleman! How many levels can we achieve?" the narrator questioned.

"Nine!" everyone answered.

"Now then, what are the name given to people who passed level five?" the narrator questioned again.

"Angel, Demigod, God, and Supreme God," everyone answered as easily as the last one.

"This examination is for you to realize your true potential! Good luck!" the overly bright narrator left.

"Ahem... Good evening my young citizens. There are thousand of you who have passed the qualification this year, and I hope that we make progress on increasing the number of God Candidate," the Mayer Raleigh spoke.

"As you all know, the chance of finding a God Candidate is only one out of a two hundred, a zero point five percent chance. So please be aware that failure at this point shouldn't be disappointing."

"Now, lets begin the Examination!"

As soon as the Mayer ended his speech, we were sent down to the dark room where the pillars from ancient civilizations and other sculptures could be seen.

"It has been about a hundred years after the Grand World War, and here is its legacy to give people ability to protect themselves! Behold, the Awakening Shard!" the narrator came back.

"Woah!" everyone was fascinated by the illuminating light. 

"These shards will be inside of you forever, it will notify your status immediately!" the narrator spoke.

"Let each shard find its rightful owner," the shards flew to each children.

"Woah! Mine is glowing in blue!" one boy shouted.

<You have compatibility with water element>

"The shard will be embedded in your body in form of symbol," narrator told the children.

"Did everyone get their symbol?" 

"No..." I spoke.

"What?" the narrator was surprised.






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