Outlier: Restart

To be honest with you all, the original series had abundance of unrelated information as well as large plot holes that ruined the series. Too much narration, unbalanced strength, and lack of proper setting establishment also played major role in ruining the entertainment. Therefore! Behold! The New series, Outlier: Restart, shall rectify the old standard!
"Does common knowledge matter to you?"
<Update: New Cover by NamesFromGraves>


15. A Unique Child (14)

I received the attack without resisting. The floor split afterward, revealing large stream of water that flooded soon afterward.

"Chase after that kid!" Execution ordered.

"Our arms were broken just from the shock wave created when that kid broke our weapons..." the twins fell to the flowers afterward.

"You are so useless."


"I escaped didn't I?"

I decayed the floor which had flowing groundwater. All I had to do was to receive the attack and fall right through the flowing water. I had to receive the attack to make sure that the breaking floors were natural.

"I... feel.... sleepy," I slept due to the pain.

<Level 6 - Regeneration>

I healed.


"All of my cores are stolen!" Prime Minister was it shock.

"I can't even call the Guards because I will be fired for sure if they find it out that our family has been stealing them for generations..."

"You won't be fired," a mysterious figure arrived.

"You...you are!" Prime Minister shouted.

"You will be dead," it only took one shot for Prime Minister to fall to the floor.

Prime Minister drew dying message with his blood saying "Administrator", but it was erased without trace.  

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