You're nothing


1. flying in the wind

It was only then when I knew,

When I truly knew.

Love hurts no, it can’t be that.

Feelings hurt.

Be emotionless,

Be a zombie,

You will be happier,

No one can hurt you.

Don’t think for a second,

Someone cares.

When you start believing them,

That’s when you find your



You’re just paper flying in the wind.

Yet to you it feels like a tornado.

It’s those feelings,

The ones that make no sense.

The ones you shouldn’t be feeling.

You’re not allowed to feel them.


Wasn’t it something more?

Or were you just stupid.

Idiotic maybe.

You took a leap of faith.

Trusted them.

Your still beating heart

Lies within their hands.

Will they crush it

Or cherish it?


Smashed into pieces.

Lying in your tears,

It was only a matter of time.

You were waiting for them

to stomp on your heart,

like it was nothing.

It was nothing.


Outside you feel nothing.

Nothing at all.

You can cut yourself open

Bleed all over the floor,

Yet you still feel nothing.


You’re just paper flying in the wind.

Don’t forget your feelings mean


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