Another Me

Kayla has a secret. She has a 'split personality'. But not in the way most people might think. She has a whole other life. Inside Kayla is her twin brother, Kyle. Only, he died before he was born. At least that's what everyone thought. But he didn't die. His soul was locked up inside of Kayla's body. But soon, he will reform as another life for Kayla.


2. Fire

Many people call me a freak. Maybe I am. I don't know. I think it's because I talk to myself.

Actually, I talk to Kyle. He is my only friend. But as much as I love him, he is a real pain in the soul. (hee hee, soul). He tells me important things, like answers on tests, and stuff like that. but mostly, he tells me where to go. And I mean like how to save the world stuff. I save people all the time, and he saves people, too. Only recently, we found out that we could switch. And it only happens if I get hurt.


Go to the barn.

For what? I ask.


Are you going to tell me why?

I knew it was a dumb question because Kyle never tells me why. But whatever. I've had to deal with it for 16 years. So I just decided to walk to the old barn. I have no idea how long its been there. It was there before I was born, I know that. But not much. I was almost there. A block away. And then I heard it.

Screaming. The sound of yelling and crying pierced my ears. I wanted to scream, too. But when I tried to, nothing came out. I smelled smoke, and as I approached the barn, I saw fire. In the barn. "Is anyone in there," I asked a woman wearing a pink blouse. She didn't answer, but I didn't need her to. Kyle told me instead.


I ran into the old barn. I heard a woman yelling, saying things like "Come on, Molly", and "We've got it. We're almost out." Each cry was stopped a little and replaced with the sound of breathless coughing.  

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