Another Me

Kayla has a secret. She has a 'split personality'. But not in the way most people might think. She has a whole other life. Inside Kayla is her twin brother, Kyle. Only, he died before he was born. At least that's what everyone thought. But he didn't die. His soul was locked up inside of Kayla's body. But soon, he will reform as another life for Kayla.


1. Intro

Kyle is my twin brother. He and I are best friends. But I've never met him in my whole entire life. Because for my whole life, he's lived inside of me. That's right. Kyle's soul is trapped within me. He talks to me, and I talk back. My parents thought I was crazy when I was little, so I only talked to him alone. He possesses no body, so he uses mine to do stuff. It was only a couple of days ago that we discovered we could trade lives. Yep, his body comes out when mine is inside of his, and usually, he's stuck inside of yours truly.

Our parents believed that Kyle died inside of her, when truly, he's alive in me. But of course I could never tell them that. But really. He and I are intwined. One. Together.

Kyle and I can see each other's life. If he's on the outside, I can see as if my eyes are right where his are. Even though I am inside. It's the same for him. So basically, He's my conscience, and I am his.



( Thank you for reading. I will publish the next chapter soon!)


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