Wanted Girl

Ashlynn is no ordinary teenager. Literally radioactive, she's used to strict rules, weird looks at school, sad looks from her father at home, critisism everywhere, and the constant wiped-out feeling from keeping her radiation low 24/7. But, one day, her whole life changes when she learns that quarantine officers are coming to arrest her. Instead of following her society's rule of staying put in the face of authority, she breaks every rule in society, and runs. Now she's a danger to society, an Unnatural, and a Wanted girl. She joins the anti-authority group Atomic Blast in the hopes of staying safe and rebelling against society. But no-one can hide forever.....


1. Run

I walk down the school corridor, ignoring the hateful, scared looks everyone gives me. I've gotten good at blocking them out- sixteen years of practice has given me enough experience, and anyway, I feel too wiped out to care. That's another feeling I'm used to. It's the end of the school day, and i just have enough time to put my books in my locker before i have to leave. An announcement sounds over the loudspeakers, making everyone hurry. 

"This is the Protection. Unless you have a useful extra-curricular activity to attend, please leave the school premises. Anyone seen lingering without an activity to attend will be seen as a threat and immediatly arrested by the Protection Officers. Have a good day." I scurry off to my locker. When i reach it, i see all the hateful Post-it-notes stuck to it.

Radioactive Girl-Do Not Touch This Locker. You Have Been Warned!!!!

Go die Ashlynn. You're not welcome in the Protection.

Leave. No-one wants you here. 

These are just some of the hateful comments on the colored paper slips. i tear them all off, tears in my eyes. Why does everyone have to hate me? Do they think i wanted to be radioactive? I shove them in my locker along with my books, and run out of the school. i  pause at the end of the street and lean against the wall, exhausted. If i actually had friends, i would be in the mall or cafe by now. Seeing as i have nowhere to go, i head home. 


When i get home, Dad is sat watching T.V as usual. It's the news, and some article about rebels is being shown. There is an anti-Protection group called Atomic Blast, who think that the Protection's rules are too tight. It's true that we basically have no freedom, but there is no point trying to do anything about it. After the nuclear war in 2042, the Protection wad founded to make a safe civilisation for the surviving Americans. The Barrier was placed over our city, New Freedom, to keep out the radiation from the Other Side. 

"Ashlynn, there's something i need to tell you. Today, Protection Officers were here. They needed to talk to us." Dad says. I suddenly feel cold. My mouth feels dry. That is terrible news. 

"But we haven't done anything wrong. I always conform to the Protection, and so do you!" i exclaim. Dad gives me a sad look. 

"Ashlynn, you broke certain rules when you were born. The Protection let it slide for 17  years, but now there is a new law. Tommorrow, Quarantine Officers are coming for you. You are now labelled as a Hazard." Dad tells me, and i run up to my tiny bedroom. i stare at myself in my small mirror-thick, dark brown hair, paleish skin, and those neon-bright, radioactive green eyes. How I hate my eyes. I look around my box room, and suddenly all of my boxed-up anger rises up. I don't want to conform anymore-and i cant stay here. In Quarantine, they basically torture radioactive people. Either that or they kill them outright. I empty out my school rucksack all over my bed and stuff in a few clothes, a knife I've kept hidden for months, my secret bow and arrows, and my private stash of tinned food. I'm not supposed to have these items. They are Illegal, as well as stuff like certain bands and tv shows and books. I shove an old Illegal album set i've had for a couple of weeks in my bag, too. They are by an old band called Imagine Dragons, who were killed when certain music started becoming Illegal. Their songs are deep, beautiful and meaningful. Soon I am ready. 

(Night time, 2:33 am)

I sling my bag on my bag amd quietly open my window. Luckily, I'm not very high up. i jump out, npt caring that it is still open. I am on the run. I run away from my house and dont look back.

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