Wanted Girl

Ashlynn is no ordinary teenager. Literally radioactive, she's used to strict rules, weird looks at school, sad looks from her father at home, critisism everywhere, and the constant wiped-out feeling from keeping her radiation low 24/7. But, one day, her whole life changes when she learns that quarantine officers are coming to arrest her. Instead of following her society's rule of staying put in the face of authority, she breaks every rule in society, and runs. Now she's a danger to society, an Unnatural, and a Wanted girl. She joins the anti-authority group Atomic Blast in the hopes of staying safe and rebelling against society. But no-one can hide forever.....


5. Revolution-the Fight.

It takes longer than we thought to prepare, but after two months of hard work and training, we are ready. I stand outside the main building where most of the stuff happens. My heart is thudding so loudly I swear they can hear it through the thick walls. I walk into the building, then up to the desk. The receptionist looks up, eyes blank. I smile at her.

"Where is the fuse box/ We have a little problem upstairs with the lights." I smile sweetly. The receptionist looks at me suspiciously, taking in my eye colour.

"I haven't seen you here before. ID please." She says, fingers hovering near a small black button.

"I'm new. I forgot my ID." I try, attempting to sound innocent. The receptionist rolls her eyes, and presses the button, eyes now sharp and hating.

"Nice try." She says as chaos suddenly unfurls around me. People with guns march through the door, and I run. Then the whole team of people Aaron and Alaska trained come through the door, and the chaos turns even more hectic. Alarms sound everywhere, and all around me is a scuffle of people, and guns fire. I suddenly hear a voice next to me, cruel and vicious.

"The radioactive girl, she's here." Hands grab for me, and I fight them away. My eyes burn. Someone grabs me, and I punch hard, my fist connecting. There's a howl of pain and the hands let go of me. I run, and a gun behind me fires. I barely feel the bullet hit my leg as I run. Then gunshots explode all around me. One hits me in the side of my body. Sharp pain shoots through me and I collapse as another bullet finds me. It hits me in the stomach and just as i faint, I feel strong hands grip me, enemy hands. Then everything goes black. 

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