Wanted Girl

Ashlynn is no ordinary teenager. Literally radioactive, she's used to strict rules, weird looks at school, sad looks from her father at home, critisism everywhere, and the constant wiped-out feeling from keeping her radiation low 24/7. But, one day, her whole life changes when she learns that quarantine officers are coming to arrest her. Instead of following her society's rule of staying put in the face of authority, she breaks every rule in society, and runs. Now she's a danger to society, an Unnatural, and a Wanted girl. She joins the anti-authority group Atomic Blast in the hopes of staying safe and rebelling against society. But no-one can hide forever.....


6. Revolution Botched and Capture.

Hey everyone, sorry if I am leaving everyone wondering what the heck will happen next and very tense for the next chapter(...) Here it is! Enjoy....:)

I wake slowly. All I can see is fractured whiteness-everything is so painfully bright all I can see is light. I try to move, and my body screams in pain.

What happened? I think in panic-then I remember the failed plan. I never thought anything through properly. Suddenly, I hear voices. I strain to listen through the stabs of pain shooting through me.

"I can't believe she's still alive."

"She can't last long now-she got hit in the stomach and in her chest. She can't live for too long now"

"Well, I guess we'll see. At least we got the radioactive b***h."

"OMG she's awake."

"I don't believe this!"

The two voices stop right at the end of whatever I am lay on. I judge that it's a man and a woman-one voice was deep, the other lighter and more higher-pitched. I then realize that my eyes are burning-more than I've ever felt them burn-my radiation must be through the roof. The light recedes, and I see that I was right about it being a man and a woman. Both are dressed in full radiation protection gear. I suddenly feel really angry.

"Where am I? What do you want with me? What have you done to me?" I manage to say, much quieter than I intended. The people laugh.

"Well, you're curious. Your at the labs, and are official property of the Protection. We're allowed to test on you, whatever." The woman's voice sounds like she's reciting multiplication tables-deadpan, flat, bored. The anger surges.

"I'm not some piece of equipment or a lab rat! I'M A PERSON!!!" I somehow manage to shout this last bit. The man steps forwards, suddenly business.

"Let's see what we think, missy." His voice is suddenly dangerous. He jabs something in my leg, and the pain intensifies. I cry out, then sink back into unconsciousness again.

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