Wanted Girl

Ashlynn is no ordinary teenager. Literally radioactive, she's used to strict rules, weird looks at school, sad looks from her father at home, critisism everywhere, and the constant wiped-out feeling from keeping her radiation low 24/7. But, one day, her whole life changes when she learns that quarantine officers are coming to arrest her. Instead of following her society's rule of staying put in the face of authority, she breaks every rule in society, and runs. Now she's a danger to society, an Unnatural, and a Wanted girl. She joins the anti-authority group Atomic Blast in the hopes of staying safe and rebelling against society. But no-one can hide forever.....


7. Rescue.

Another chapter :)

When I next wake, I am alone. The silence is almost deafening. I don't feel the pain much now-they must have injected me with some kind of tranquilizer. Instead, I feel impossibly heavy.

Then the alarms go off.

Everything happens in a rush. Two people rush into my room, and I see a flash of brilliant green. I am suddenly lifted up and pain screams through me. I only have the strength to whimper.

"It's ok, Ashlynn, you'll be ok," Someone whispers to me. I recognize the voice-then it hits me.

It's Alaska.

I hear another voice then-Aaron.

"They got her bad..." He says quietly.

"I know...Hopefully we can do something for her." Alaska whispers back. They're running, holding me carefully. Everything turns foggy, and I black out again.

(A few hours later)

I wake on something soft. Someone has bandaged me up and put a blanket over me-but suddenly i can't stop shivering. I hear two people come in, but this time I know I am safe.

"She's awake!" I'm slightly surprised to hear Danielle-we haven't exactly spoke much. She and someone else-Ashley-run to my side. Ashley brushes my hair out of my face gently, running her fingers lightly over scratches I didn't realize I had.

"She's freezing-look, she's shivering!" She says quietly.

"How do you feel?" Danielle asks. Stupid question.

"Like crap." I can only whisper now. She injects something into my arm, and the pain lessens. It's definitely not the stuff they used at the labs.

"She's been tattooed on-look. Ashlynn, you'll be ok now. Just rest-we'll sort everything..." Danielle's voice tails off when she addresses me. I feel cold and faint-like I could black out again at any moment. As Ashley and Danielle go out, I hear hushed conversation-something I'm not supposed to hear.

"Danielle, please let's just take her to hospital. She won't last much longer in here with us." Ashley's voice is pleading, desperate.

"I know, Ashley, I know. I'll talk to Liam again."

That's all I hear before I black out yet again.

This is starting to annoy me now.


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