Wanted Girl

Ashlynn is no ordinary teenager. Literally radioactive, she's used to strict rules, weird looks at school, sad looks from her father at home, critisism everywhere, and the constant wiped-out feeling from keeping her radiation low 24/7. But, one day, her whole life changes when she learns that quarantine officers are coming to arrest her. Instead of following her society's rule of staying put in the face of authority, she breaks every rule in society, and runs. Now she's a danger to society, an Unnatural, and a Wanted girl. She joins the anti-authority group Atomic Blast in the hopes of staying safe and rebelling against society. But no-one can hide forever.....


8. On The Outside

This is the final chapter, I may do a sequel. Enjoy!!!

(Three Months Later)

I wake up really slowly, and I'm in a blinding white room. At first I panic.

Am I in the labs again?!

Just as I start to panic, a nurse materializes out of the whiteness, and I suddenly see everything.

I'm in hospital.

"Hey. You've healed really well. We just had to wait for you to wake up, actually." the nurse's voice is calm and kind.

"You mean I can get out soon?" My voice sounds almost normal, and I don't feel dizzy or any pain.

Maybe not today, but yes, soon." She replies. Slowly, I try to sit up. I don't feel any waves of intense dizziness like I did.

"How long was I out?" I ask.

"Oh, a few months." The nurse replies. Another question is tugging on my mind-more than one.

"What...what actually happened?" I ask the most important question first. The nurse smiles, walking to the door.

"That's not for me to answer." she replies coolly. She opens the door, and Alaska comes in. The nurse leaves.

"ASHLYNN!!!!!!! OMG, you're O.K.!" she screams. We talk, but when I try to ask what happened, she shies away from it. Soon even she leaves.

(A week later)

I'm sat in a room. The curtains are drawn, and the van which brought me here had no windows. Danielle sits quietly opposite me with Liam. Finally I speak.

"What actually happened?"

"Well. It wasn't a success. Many of our people died. We had to flee, and take you to a hospital. I...I thought you were going to die. You almost did, but then...I don't know what happened." Liam explains.

"One more question. Where are we?" I ask, taking in what Liam told me. I almost died. Then Danielle answers, and I almost fall off my seat.

"Ashlynn...We're on the outside. Outside of the Barrier, in a small surviving town. We had to get out. We have barely any supporters left after what happened. But, there is word of rebellion inside against the Protection. They lied about everything. The radiation levels dropped to safe years ago. If it takes off, we will join them. But, we are being hunted..." Danielle gets up and goes to the window. She rips off the curtain.

And I scream.

Tanks as big as houses are coming towards us. Soldiers in full gear are with them. Planes scream overhead.

The first blast shakes the house so violently I'm sure it will fall down. Alaska comes in screaming that we need to leave, and I realize that we are all that is left.

Everyone else is dead.

Quickly, we grab whatever we came out with. It isn't much. We go out into the gunshots and screams, running, running for our lives. The gunners descend on us, but we run faster than we have ever ran. We leave the town, and sprint into the cover of the woods. The dangers here are almost as worse as what we are running from. Wolves, people who are so crazy they kill everything that moves.

This is my first sight of the Outside. Gunshots and screams.

I run into the cool green.

I leave my old self behind in the blood and sweat.


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