Pregnant & Alone ( Juarez Twins Fanfic) ~ David and Dillon Juarez

When 19 year old Alyssa finds out that she is pregnant! she was extremely scared of what her parents would think/ say ... She tells her parents that she's pregnant but they ended up kicking her out...
But she doesn't know if she should keep it a secret from the father that she's pregnant or tell him ...
~This is my first fanfiction so it may not be the greatest
© All Rights Reserved


4. Chapter 3

Its the afternoon of May 15th

Edwin- hey Alyssa what do you want to pack first?

Alyssa- we should start with my clothes ill start in my dresser and you can start in my closet

Edwin - okay sounds good

an hour passed of packing my clothes then we started packing my books , photos and keepsakes etc.

it was almost 7:00 pm when they finished packing her whole room

Edwin and Alyssa decided that they would visit Alyssa's family members and let them know that she was moving and also that she was carrying a baby .The hardest people to tell were your siblings because they were so close

I've been talking to Dillon everyday he messages me to see how I'm doing... but David still hasn't messaged me

June 1st came and it finally came to the day when she was leaving Canada

Edwin-Alyssa are you ready to go?

Alyssa- I'm ready! but I'm gonna miss my sibling so much

Edwin- I know you well you will talk to them everyday once you leave.

skip the drive and the plane ride

Alyssa- Hey we landed 15 minutes ago were just grabbing our bags.

Heather - okay sounds good ill see you soon

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