Pregnant & Alone ( Juarez Twins Fanfic) ~ David and Dillon Juarez

When 19 year old Alyssa finds out that she is pregnant! she was extremely scared of what her parents would think/ say ... She tells her parents that she's pregnant but they ended up kicking her out...
But she doesn't know if she should keep it a secret from the father that she's pregnant or tell him ...
~This is my first fanfiction so it may not be the greatest
© All Rights Reserved


3. Chapter 2

Edwin's Pov

Text Messages

Edwin- Hey I just booked my flight for May 12 at 9:30 am and I should be there at 12:00am

Alyssa- Sounds great see you then

2 hours later

Alyssa-Edwin I need to tell you something and I need advice....

Edwin-What do you need to tell me?

Alyssa-You CANT Tell Kylee but I'm Pregnant but I don't know how to tell the father...

Edwin-Who is the father ?

Alyssa- ......

Edwin-Who ?

Alyssa- "David"

Edwin-How did you meet him?

Alyssa-Can we talk about this when you get here?

Edwin- Sure

2 Day later

Edwin's Pov

I just said goodbye to Kylee . When Kylee asked me where I was going I told her I was going to Florida to visit my mom for a couple of weeks. I am excited to meet Alyssa I know that she's pregnant and all but I heard she's hot. I know I'm dating Kylee but I can still look right?

Heather -"Edwin are you packed and ready to go?"

Edwin-"Yes I am packed and ready to go to the airport"

* skip the Car ride*

At the airport

Heather-" okay Edwin have a great flight and I will pick you up when you and Alyssa get back "

*Heather Hugs Edwin*

Edwin- Bye I will see you soon

Passengers that are flying to Toronto it is time to board

* Skips plane ride*

Alyssa's Pov

Edwin's coming today and I'm so excited to meet him

*Drives to the airport*

*Parks car at the airport*

I look down at my phone and realized I got a text message for Edwin saying that he landed and is waiting for his luggage.

Alyssa- I'll see you soon

Edwin's Pov

Alyssa called me saying she was here and she's waiting for me at the pick up place

I got my luggage and walked to the area where she was waiting for me it took me at least 5 minutes to find her ..

Once I got to the car I put my stuff in the backseat and greeted Alyssa

Alyssa- how was your flight?

Edwin- it was good but once we get back to your house we have to have a talk

Alyssa- okay and I guessing it's about what we were talking about on FaceTime?

Edwin- yes it is

Alyssa- okay

Skip the rest of the car ride

Alyssa's Pov

Once we got back to my house we went up to my room and Edwin started asking me questions

Edwin- so on FaceTime I asked you how you met David the father of your baby ... so you have to tell me !

Alyssa - Fine I was on YouNow one day broadcasting and I seen the Juarez twins came into my broadcast and one of the twins told me to check my dms on twitter. And that's when we started talking it went from once a week to every single day non stop. He told me he was on a tour called pressplay and it has a tour stop in Toronto and he was going to be there in 3 months and he wanted to meet me. When it was the weekend of pressplay Toronto I was waiting at the airport for him and Dillon. We spent the whole night talking and getting to know each other more . That night he asked me out on a date . We ended up going to dinner and a late movie. We went back to my hotel room and started making out and you know what happened next ...

Alyssa-Edwin how should I tell him that I'm expecting?

Edwin-I could take a couple of photos of your baby bump and you could tell him you need to tell him something and then send him the picture of your baby bump or something or we could look something up...

Alyssa- okay ill message him in half an hour can we you take the picture for me?

Edwin- sure

30 minutes later

Alyssa texts David

Text messages

Alyssa- Hi

David- Hey How have you been?

Alyssa- I've been better....

David- what's wrong?

Alyssa- well I have to tell you something...

David - what is it?

Alyssa- we'll ...

David - Well ?

David - Alyssa?

Alyssa stops messaging David she started crying

Edwin's sat down beside her and hugged her telling her that he needs to know and that it's okay even if he's not going to help you with the baby that he would be there for her no matter what

Alyssa- Thank you Edwin and I really appreciate everything that you have done for me already

Edwin can you take my phone and send the pictures to him ?

Edwin- sure

Alyssa passes her phone to Edwin

Edwin sends the pictures .

Back to Alyssa's conversation to David

David - who's the father?

Alyssa (Edwin)-This is Alyssa's friend ... her parents kicked her out now.. and the father is YOU ....

David - No I can't be I used a Condom

Alyssa (Edwin) - well apparently it broke

Alyssa (Edwin) - Are you going to be there for her and your child or not ?

David - Idk

David's Pov

David- Hey Dillon I need to talk to you... its really important!!!

Dillon- What's wrong?

David-can we go somewhere and talk?

Dillon- sure lets go for a drive

they grabbed their car keys and walk to their car . Once they got into the car Dillon said to David " Spill the beans"

David- Do you remember that girl I was talking to that I was watching on younow and I kind of liked at Pressplay ?

Dillon- Alyssa right?

David- Yeah... well you know how I told you how I slept with her?

Dillon- Yeah ...

David- well she text me today and she told me she was pregnant with my child...

Dillon- What are you going to do?

David- I don't know ... I just started dating Bianka . and I don't know if I'm ready to be a father...

Dillon- You have to tell Momma and Dad

David- but I don't know how

Dillon- Well if you don't I will and give me Alyssa's number.

David- Fine I will tell them and its (***-***-****)

Dillon- okay

Dillon's Pov

texts Alyssa

Dillon- Hey

Alyssa- Hey Dillon?

Dillon- yes it me I heard the news is it true that I'm going to be an uncle?

Alyssa- Yes...

Dillon- You know if David isn't going to be there for you and the baby ill be there.

Alyssa- My parents are kicking me out ...

Dillon- Where are you going to live?

Alyssa- Well I'm going to Kylee's for a little bit .. her boyfriend Edwin flew out here to help me pack up everything then I'm going to fly to Texas ad try to find a house there.

Dillon- Do you want me to tell Dalton?

Alyssa- If you want. well I have to go pack everything ill talk to you later?

Dillon - of course and if you need anything or anyone to talk to just know that I am here

Alyssa- thanks Dill

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