Pregnant & Alone ( Juarez Twins Fanfic) ~ David and Dillon Juarez

When 19 year old Alyssa finds out that she is pregnant! she was extremely scared of what her parents would think/ say ... She tells her parents that she's pregnant but they ended up kicking her out...
But she doesn't know if she should keep it a secret from the father that she's pregnant or tell him ...
~This is my first fanfiction so it may not be the greatest
© All Rights Reserved


2. Chapter 1

Let me introduce myself first

Hi my Name is Alyssa I am 19 years old and live In Canada. I'm currently Facetiming with Edwin because I want to surprise my Best Friend Kylee for her 18th Birthday. Kylee and myself have always been close ever since we were babies because our moms are Best Friends .Its May 10th and I'm booking my flight to Texas for June 1st.

Edwin Pov

Text messages

Alyssa- I need to talk to you would you be able to Facetime me or something without Kylee around?

Edwin- Yeah I can .. but wait 10 minutes because Kylee is going on her daily run

Alyssa- okay thanks

10 minutes later

Edwin FaceTimes Alyssa

Edwin-Hey Alyssa

Alyssa-Hey Edwin

Edwin -what did you need to talk to me about?

Alyssa- well I want to surprise Kylee for her 18th Birthday

Edwin -Okay.

Alyssa-can we plan this together

Edwin- sure, plus I would like to meet you in person because Kylee is always telling me about stories from when y'all were younger

Alyssa-I also have something else that I want to surprise Kylee with

Edwin-What is it?

Alyssa- I'm going to move back to Texas for good but .. Not with my parents...

Edwin-really ?

Alyssa-I have to pack so much 😒

Edwin-well  I could fly to Canada 🇨🇦 to come and help you pack if you want

Alyssa-I would love that .. I could come and pick you up at the airport whenever you land

Edwin-okay Great I'll book my flight right now then I'll let you know when it is

Alyssa-Okay thank you so much Edwin.. I need to call Heather .. She's at work right?"

Edwin-Yes she is

Alyssa-okay thanks for everything

...Bye Edwin

Edwin-Bye Alyssa

Ends Facetime

Alyssa's Pov

Heather's always been like a mom figure to me ever since Kylee and myself were younger and I'm so happy that she's here for me

Calls Heather

Heather-Hello Alyssa how have you been ?

Alyssa-I've been better but I need to ask you something

Heather-what is is Hun ?

Alyssa-I wanted to come to visit to Surprise Kylee for her 18th birthday but then ... My Parents kicked me out and they said I have a certain date to be out of the house ....

Heather-why would your parents kick you out ?

Alyssa- ...

Heather-Alyssa are you there ?

Alyssa-Yes ... well they kicked me out * Starts crying 😭😢*B-b-because I-i-i got Pregnant..

Heather-Oh hunny don't worry I will take you in for as long as you need

Alyssa-Thanks, I talked to Edwin about surprising Ky and he's going to fly out to Toronto to help me pack because I told him I was moving back to Texas .

Heather-" Can I ask you a question?

Alyssa- Yes

Heather-who's the baby's father?

Alyssa-Can we talk about that when I get to Texas please ?

Heather-Yes but I need to know everything and as soon as you and Edwin land

Alyssa-Okay, Bye and thank you again for doing this for me Love you 💖

Heather- Bye Hun and it's no problem because you have always been like a daughter to me Love you too 💖

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