Its not like i planned it (play format)


1. One

Set scene [ALAYNA and MICHAEL and OTHER BOYS are downstairs]

[ BOYS are doing random shit. ALAYNA is watching television, curled up on the couch]

{ALAYNA is missing MICHAEL}

{a commercial comes on and ALAYNA gets up to use the bathroom, she walks in and MICHAEL is in there, nude, wet from a shower and horney AF}

[ALAYNA is against sex before marriage so she teaches MICHAEL to only have it when both spouses agree, and not just for pleasure.]

{MICHAEL refuses and pesters ALAYNA continuously about it}

{ALAYNA snaps}



*Says in a nasty tone, throwing a towel at him* If youre that horney, *Turns around and walks to the door holding the knob* why dont you go to a fucking strip club, yeah? I can give you money to get in and you can rent a ober, that way you can come home drunk and get laid even more! You wont have to bother me when youre horney. *Begins shutting door* Oh and Michael? We’re EX’s, We’re friends, but we aren't dating and we certainly are not friends with benefits. *Holds onto door* Can’t answer? That’s what I thought. *Continuously waits for an answer, getting pissed off* 


{they talk and eventually ‘fight”  they make up and talk}

(She announces her love and missing him)

[MICHAEL runs around and bumps into LIV]



Watch where you are going Clifford!


Sorry Livvvvvyyyyy!!!!!!!! *he runs around the kitchen* SHE LOVES ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ahem…. Misses me!!!!!!!!!!!!


Did i say that? *smirks and walks into the room*


*he runs in after you* yes you did say that!


Ok ok, you got a little excited there.


No im not excited, you said that you love me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Maybe i didn't mean it **smirks*


he frowns* you didn’t mean it? Wow… thanks… maybe i’ll go make out with Livvy.. *he smirks and he starts to walk into the kitchen*


You wouldn't do that, she wouldn't let you, hah, just get your self with Crystal Leigh, i don't care it's your life


First of all, i hate Crystal, second i dont hate Livy and third, she wouldn’t mind this. *he smirks and walks into the kitchen* oh and Alayna, you would totally mind


*Raises eyebrow, playing hard to get* *Michael has the best, and softest lips*

You never even met Crys, she's actually sweet *lies very well* She's kind of like me, but prettier.


Well, whoever she is, i don’t care. You are the prettiest girl i’ve ever met. Livvvyy!!! *he walks into the kitchen, grabs my waist and starts making out with me*


*i push him off of me* MICHAEL GORDON CLIFFORD!!!!!


….. That won't last.. Oh and tough luck, did you look at your contract, you have a PR thing..

Mike *hates it HATES when i call him mike* that didn't effect me AT ALL




Oh wow, MIKE *just asking for it now* I'm soooo scared



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