Because of London

It's about a girl named Jessica and her friend Jenna,they go to a one direction concert read on to find out what happens.


2. Getting Ready

**Beep-Beep-Beep**I woke up to my alarm.I got up,took a shower and got dressed.Today me and my friend Jenna are going shopping for the concert tomorrow.''Come on Jessica,we need to go.''I heard Jenna say.''I'm coming.''I said.We got a few outfits and shoes.I'm so tired i could fall asleep right now,but i have to eat.''Wake up,It's time to wake up''I heard Jenna say.''I'm up,I'm up.'' I said.''Great now get dressed and meet me downstairs.''she said''Okay''I got up did my morning routine and got dressed in this.

We went to Starbucks and the mall.When we got back it was 7 p.m.



sorry it's short i have writers block 

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