Polaroid-an Imagine Dragons fanfiction :)

Arrow's life is like Imagine Dragons song Polaroid-she's wild, the color of boom, as unstoppable as a rolling freight train/

Arrow's mother has had enough. She's tired of Arrow's behaviour.

When Arrow turns 16, she finds out that Dan Reynolds is her real father. She is sent to live with him and Imagine Dragons in America, and has a summer she'll never forget....


3. Rock Bottom

I'm so sorry I haven't been around, my ps3 got taken off the internet and my laptop is just messed up. I hope you enjoy!!!(sorry it's short I'm rebelling it in some dead extra curricular activity my parents make me do!!!!) Also, sorry it's short and a bit suckish, I don't have much time...Enjoy!!!!

I sit in the tattoo parlour, a needle digging into my skin. I'm getting a tattoo. it's almost done, and this will show Dad that I am a rate-1 bad girl. It's done quicker than I expected and I pay and leave, then walk back to the house. A bright butterfly now adorns my shoulder. And you can't miss it. I let myself in with my spare key and see Daniel in the kitchen.

"Hey! Is Dan-I mean Dad- around?" I ask him, and he looks up from the coffee machine and smiles at me.

"Oh, hey, Arrow. He's in the living room. You alright?" He nods towards the living room, then catches sight of my new tattoo. His eyes widen and I give him my best bad-girl smile before heading off to make sure Dad sees. He's sat on the sofa watching tv.

"Hey Dad!" I say, bending over the back of the sofa slightly and smiling innocently. He looks up, just as I hoped he would.

"Hey Arrow! Back already? I hope you had fun. How's America?" He asks, and I sit in the armchair, smiling.

"It's great! I had loads of fun," My smile turns from innocent to bad-girl, and he sees. I know he senses trouble. His eyes fall on my new tattoo. Instead of making a massive fuss, he just looks sad. And immediately feel guilty.

"Oh, Arrow..." he sighs, and suddenly I want to cry. I go up to my room and lock the door. I hear people come into the house but I don't go down.

Why do I always mess up?

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