Polaroid-an Imagine Dragons fanfiction :)

Arrow's life is like Imagine Dragons song Polaroid-she's wild, the color of boom, as unstoppable as a rolling freight train/

Arrow's mother has had enough. She's tired of Arrow's behaviour.

When Arrow turns 16, she finds out that Dan Reynolds is her real father. She is sent to live with him and Imagine Dragons in America, and has a summer she'll never forget....


6. It All Comes Crashing Down

I'm so sorry(hahaha, I had to add lyrics!) that I haven't been updating this one for ages...turns out the phone thing isn't gonna happen, so yeah. Not what I expected. Anyways, here's a new chapter, I hope everyone enjoys it!!!!

I'm extremely late by the time I leave Aaron and get back to the tour bus. Daniel and Wayne are the only ones sat on the sofa-Dad and Ben must be in bed.

"Arrow, we've been worrying about you for hours," Daniel begins. He sounds like my mother.

"And? I was fine," I say curtly.

"Where were you?" Wayne asks.

"Why do you care? You're not my dad." I say, and a flash of hurt flashes across Wayne's face. I push the guilt underneath my irritation.

"Arrow, please. That's not the point. We care about you-all of us, not just Dan. We want you to be safe." Daniel tells me.

"Yeah, well, you sound like my mother," I laugh hollowly, a sound with no warmth, no humour. I have had plenty of experience in perfecting that don't-care laugh-it always irritates my mother. It doesn't quite have the same effect on Imagine Dragons, though. I don't actually know why I'm acting like this. I have dreamt of this since I knew who they were-and now those dreams are coming true, and I'm turning it into a nightmare. Daniel and Wayne sigh at exactly the same time, and if it wasn't this situation, I would have laughed.

"Look, I don't want to argue with you. You should sleep, if you are tired. I pulled out the sofa bed for you. And, Arrow, Dan was the most worried of us all tonight. He already loves you. Please don't turn this into a nightmare for him-he dreamt of meeting his long-lost kid since Selene took you off him and moved to England. Haven't you listened to the song Selene properly? He wrote it because of you. He missed you." Wayne says, and they get up and leave. I feel numb. Dad wrote that...because of me? A line suddenly comes into my head from the song.

This is my heart, it's on the line, Selene...

Suddenly I feel weak. I collapse onto the sofa bed. I suddenly see the whole song with a whole new meaning.

I cry myself to sleep.

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