Polaroid-an Imagine Dragons fanfiction :)

Arrow's life is like Imagine Dragons song Polaroid-she's wild, the color of boom, as unstoppable as a rolling freight train/

Arrow's mother has had enough. She's tired of Arrow's behaviour.

When Arrow turns 16, she finds out that Dan Reynolds is her real father. She is sent to live with him and Imagine Dragons in America, and has a summer she'll never forget....


4. Clubs and Parties

Sorry I've been away for so long!!!! thank you for all the views, I really appreciate it. Don't be too shy to comment below! Enjoy! (Sorry the new chapter title isn't an Imagine Dragons lyric I couldn't think of any others that suited it!)

I wake and groggily look at my clock. 22:26. I stare at the glowing red numbers for a few moments, waking properly. I hadn't even realized I'd fallen asleep. My shoulder aches dully, and I remember the butterfly tattoo I had done earlier. I hate that tattoo now. I go out of my room and head down to the living room, following voices. when I enter the room, I see two pretty twin girls. My stepsisters. Dad, Ben and Aja are sat on the couches. The twins turn around and smile at me.

"Arrow!" they say in perfect unison, which unnerves me a bit. I squish on the sofa next to them, since Dad, Aja and Ben are sitting on the other sofa.

"Um, hi?" I say. Dad sees me looking uncomfortable, and laughs slightly. I look to him for help.

"Arrow, this is Gia and Coco. Gia's the one closest to you." he explains, and I smile, relaxing a bit. The girls look about eleven, and are perfectly identical, with Aja's hair and slim build, and Dad's eyes and height. My mom always said I had Dad's eyes, and I always kinda towered over everyone at school. I got my hair from her-the only thing we share, according to her. I sit in awkward silence for a while, then Gia and Coco start telling me stuff about their school, and stories about people I don't know. At some point in a story, they look at each other and laugh at some inside joke I don't understand. The adults have started a conversation about tours and music. I try to follow what the twins are saying, but I can't. I've never felt so out of place. Soon, though, a miracle comes in the form of Wayne. He comes into the living room, looking kinda excited.  

"Hey, why don't we take Arrow out for a bit, show her around ourselves?" he suggests, smiling at me then looking at the adults. Dad smiles. The twins look at each other excitedly. The adults discuss it, then smile.

"I think that's a great idea, Wayne. Kids, go and get ready. Coco, Gia, Mom will be up to you in a minute." I go up to my room, and pull out a pair of white ripped jeans , a really short crop top and my highest heels. I do my makeup and curl my hair. I put on fake nails and lashes. By the time I go back down, I look about nineteen. I click into the living room, and Dad surveys my outfit, but doesn't say anything. I feel a small jolt of triumph. Mom would have had a fit if I even tried to go out like this. Soon, we are all ready and we leave.

(a few hours later)

I'm in a tightly packed nightclub with the guys. Gia, Coco and Aja went home ages ago.  I dance, then try to buy alcohol at the bar. The bartender looks me up and down then smiles.

"Nice try, missy." she says, then her eyes widen. I whip round and see Dad.

"Nice try indeed, Arrow. Maybe in, like, two years." he says to me, then leads me away whilst the bartender looks on jealously. I turn around and smile bad-girl style at her. She gives me a dirty look then continues serving the people waiting impatiently. Ben goes to the bar and comes back with a Coke, which he hands to me.

"No, it does not have vodka in it." he says, smiling, and I laugh. Daniel looks at his watch.

"I think we should get going now," he says, and I frown.

"Please lets stay out longer," I plead, checking the time myself on my phone. "It's only, like, half two in the morning. I've stayed up way later than this before." I widen my eyes in an effort to persuade Daniel, but it doesn't work on him. Normally, people crumble when I do puppy-dog eyes. Not him. He raises an eyebrow at me.

"We're going home. Now." He says decisively, and the others agree with him. We leave the packed, stuffy club, and the cool night breeze feels welcoming against my searing skin. I don't see any point in trying to argue or persuade them to take me to another club. I know they will never relent.

When we get back to the house, it's dark and silent. We quietly unlock the front door and creep upstairs in darkness. I go into my room and switch on my lamp. After the thick, heavy darkness of the house, the light burns against my eyes for a few moments. I then get undressed and collapse onto the bed. It's only as my head touches the pillow that I realize I'm actually exhausted. I fall asleep in an instant.   

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