Polaroid-an Imagine Dragons fanfiction :)

Arrow's life is like Imagine Dragons song Polaroid-she's wild, the color of boom, as unstoppable as a rolling freight train/

Arrow's mother has had enough. She's tired of Arrow's behaviour.

When Arrow turns 16, she finds out that Dan Reynolds is her real father. She is sent to live with him and Imagine Dragons in America, and has a summer she'll never forget....


2. Believer

i step into the tour bus with Dan, smiling. I say hi to Daniel, Ben and Wayne, and then sit down. We are in the living area, which has sofas, a fixed coffee table and a flatscreen tv. I cant believe this is happening. i pull out my phone. 


"Can we take a picture so i can put it on my Twitter?" I ask, and everyone says yes. I grin as the flash almost blinds me. it doesnt take long to post. 


"Well, here's my daughter,  Arrow Eve Reynolds. That's what i've enrolled you as in the local high school, if thats ok." Dan says to me and everyone else.


"thats great!" i grin. I see Ben looking at my hair. 


"I remember you when you were really little. You were so cute then, all blonde curls. Why did you go brown?" He asks me.


"My mom hated the thought of me dying my hair, so i snuck off to the hairdressers to get it done to annoy her. I'm pretty much a hell and silence girl. i'm a magnet for trouble." i explain. i go onto my music and play On Top Of The World, because that's how i feel.  


"I like what you did there, with the hell and silence thing. I'm sure your not that bad, though" Wayne says. 


"Trust me, i am. i kinda regret dying my hair now though." i tell him. I realize that Daniel hasn't said anything except hi and yes. i flash him a grin, and he smiles back. I get the feeling that he's kinda shy, which is not what i expected. 


"Oh, Dan, thanks for the necklace, i love it." I tell Dan. (Or should i call him Dad now...) 


"I'm glad, you're welcome. Oh, and you can call me Dad now, seeing as you are my daughter." He replies. 


"Ok, Dad." i say, trying it out. it feels right, like a missing jigsaw piece that suddenly turns up and fits perfectly. Except I'm no perfect jigsaw piece. Im the jagged, uneven one that you have to force in. Suddenly, my phone starts pinging with a million notifications. I pick it up, and see that they are all Twitter comments on my picture with Imagine Dragons.


OMG you are sooo lucky, @PoisonArrow.


I envy you sooo much right now,@PoisonArrow. 


I wish I was you,@PoisonArrow.


Dan is MINE,@PoisonArrow. Remember that.


And so on. They keep on coming, thick and fast. i put my phone on silent, there are so many. I wonder when to drop the dad bombshell on Twitter. Not yet. Finally, the bus comes to a stop, and we all get out. Daniel carries my suitcase for me, and i thank him. We are at a house. Dad goes up to the front door, and unlocks it. We all walk through into an open-plan living room-kitchen-dining room. 

"Welcome to the Imagine Dragons summer house! I'll show you to your room, Arrow." Wayne says, and i take my suitcase off Daniel and follow Wayne upstairs. He leads me to a nice room with light green walls, a closet, a chest of drawers, a single bed, a large window and a tv. It doesnt take as long as i expected to unpack. i slide my suitcase under the bed and go downstairs. As i go down, i hear vthe front door open and a female voice. i go into the living room and see Dad sat next to a pretty woman. I smile at her, and she smiles back. 

"Arrow, this is my wife, Aja. She's going to book you into her hairdresser's to get that color stripped." Dad tells me. 

"Thank you!" i say to Aja. i hate my long, brown-believer curls. i long for my long blonde curls back. That's the only thing i get off my mother. She says I've got dad's features. Aja goes off to make the phone call, and it's just me and Dad in the living room. 

"So, what's been going on with you?" He asks, and we catch up on all of the missed years. I tell him about the Great Roseash Academy Food Fight, the Trafford Centre Incident, and every other rebellious thing I've ever done. He tells me about tours and funny things him and the band have gotten up to. Then Aja comes back, all smiles. 

"Arrow, they can take you later!" she tells me, and i beam at her. 


I feel excited as i step into the hairdresser's. i have to wait for a few minutes, Aand then i sit in the chair. 

"You want all this stripped, right?" the hairdresser asks me, and i nod. He puts this stinking stuff on my hair, and i leave t it on for an hour before it's washed off.Then my hair is blow-dried and styled. Finally, i look in the mirror. My hair is back to blonde and it looks perfect. I hope i dont mess up here.

I love Dad and Aja and Imagine Dragons already. 



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