Only Time Will Tell

This story is in many points of views and different characters. It tells about Adrianna Malfoy, the twin sister of Draco Malfoy and her struggles. It tells about Hermione's feelings for a certain blonde Slytherin. It tells of the reaction Mr. Draco has when he learns about a certain mudblood's crush.


3. Chapter 2: Awkward....

I go into the bathroom and change into my pj's. I knock on the door that leads to Ron's room, "Come in," He calls out and I walk inside, "Ron, I'm sorry but, Draco sorta kicked me out of my room," I say and Ron shrugs, "So, what do I have to do with it?," I let out a huff of air, "I have to sleep in your bed tonight," I shake my head blushing, "No no no, that came out wrong, can we, like, have a sleepover in here tonight?"Ron laughs at my embarrassment. "Sure" He says, "But keep your distance," I nod. Later that night, I'm sleeping my back turned to Ron, on the far side of the bed, "Goodnight Ron," I mutter, "Goodnight," I hear from behind me and I smile. Then, I hear soft snores behind me and I shake my head slowly. Then I drift off.

The next morning, I wake up to see sunlight filtering through the window. I look down at the clock, "It's 10 o'clock," I mutter and then gasp, "It's 10 o'clock!" I shout and jump out of bed. Ron groans but remains sleeping. I run into the bathroom and put on my uniform and robes. I quickly apply my green eye shadow and run back into Ron's room where I grab a pillow. I hit him in the face with the pillow repeatedly shouting, "WAKE UP!". He groans and pulls the pillow away from me. Then he turns around to face me, "What in the bloody hell are you doing?" He asks angrily and I scoff, "We're late for our first class," I say and he chuckles, "What's so funny," I demand. "It's Saturday," He says and I shake my head disbelievingly. I pull out my phone and turn it on. Right on the home screen it says Saturday. "I'm going to the library," I say and he grunts, "Be my guest," I scoff and storm out.

When I get to the library, I spot Hermione sitting by herself at a table, reading. I walk to her and sit beside her, "Hi, Hermione," I say and she nods her head in acknowledgement, still reading. I watch Hermione for a while (it's not creepy at all) until I hear the library door open and close. I look up to see Draco striding towards us, a smile playing on his face.

 "Sleep well in Ron's bed?" He asks and I blush and look away. He sits on the other side of Hermione. Hermione gently closes her book and sets it down on the table softly. She calmly speaks to Draco, "Leave your sister alone," I hear a sharp intake of breath. I stand up and start to leave but, I hear a slap echoing through the library. I turn around and look at Draco who is clutching his cheek, where a red hand shaped mark is starting to form. I gasp then smother my laugh by quickly turning it into a cough. Draco turns and glares at me and I smile. I quickly run out of the library, ready to tell Ron the funny news.

Once I arrive at the head boy and girl dorms I run upstairs to Ron's room where Ron is still sleeping. I giggle to myself and sit down on the bed beside him. I first look at his face, all of the tension gone. I I then grab a pillow and hit him in the face with it, "Wake up!" I shout and he bolts upright, "What happened?!" He asks and I smile, "Hermione slapped Draco," Ron chuckles, "He had it coming," I nod and stand up meanwhile Ron lays down about to go back to sleep but, I hit him in the head with the pillow again. He groans and reopens his eyes, "What?" He asks sleepily and I smile, "If you want to the first Hogsmede trip then you better get up," I say and he bolts out of bed and to the bathroom. When he comes out he's wearing jeans and a sweater. I smile at him then push him out of the way of the bathroom doorway. I walk inside and shut the door in Ron's face then I change into my favorite pair of black skinny jeans and a green off-the-shoulder short sleeved shirt. I quickly pull on my black leather high-heeled boots just as Ron starts banging on the door. "Wait a minute," I shout and pull on my jacket and Slytherin scarf. I walk out of the bathroom and to the entrance of the dorm where Ron is waiting. "You look nice," He says and I smile, "Thanks." We walk down to the entrance to Hogwarts where Harry, Draco, and Hermione are waiting for us. Draco and Hermione stand stock still glaring at each other. "Let's go," I say and they nod, still glaring at each other. I sigh and shake my head and we all walk out of Hogwarts together.

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