Only Time Will Tell

This story is in many points of views and different characters. It tells about Adrianna Malfoy, the twin sister of Draco Malfoy and her struggles. It tells about Hermione's feelings for a certain blonde Slytherin. It tells of the reaction Mr. Draco has when he learns about a certain mudblood's crush.


1. Prologue

I lug my heavy trunk down the stairs,"Snowflake," I call out and my white snowy owl flies over and lands lightly on my shoulder. Once I get down the stairs I set my trunk near the front door and watch Draco struggle with his. Once he gets down the stairs he smiles at me. I flash him a grin and reach up and stroke Snowflake's feathers. Draco never used to smile but, he's changed. Well, as a matter of fact everyone has changed after the war. I quickly snap out of my thoughts when I see our mother approaching. She stops in front of us and looks us over. Then she walks up to Draco and ruffles his hair earning the,"Mom, I'm to old for that," complaint then she walks over to me. 

She just stares at me for a moment than gives me a hug. When she steps back she mutters," I love you Adrianna," I am taken aback for a moment. She never says that she loves either of us," I love you too mom," I say softly and she smiles. 

The she takes another step back so she's standing in front of both Draco and I, "I believe that you both can get to platform 9 3/4 by yourselves," She says and Draco nods, "Than off you go," I sigh inwardly, that's as good as a good-bye could get in this house. I turn around and open the front door. As soon as the front door is open all the way Snowflake jumps off my shoulder and flies away. I drag my trunk to the car and put it in the backseat while Draco puts his in the trunk. I close the door and climb into the passenger seat while Draco, gets in the driver's seat. He starts the car and then we're off to King's Cross Station.

When we get there I quickly get out of the car and get my trunk out. I walk briskly to the station lugging my trunk behind me. Finally, I arrive at the pillar between platform 8 and 9. I run through to platform 9 3/4. I stand beside the entrance and wait for Draco who appears in an instant. Together we get on the train and find a seat with all his friends. Finally, we leave the station and start our trip to Hogwarts. I sit in the window seat beside Draco quietly watching landscapes zoom by...













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