7 Secrets Of Friendship

Not all truths need to be shared with everyone—or even anyone—to maintain a healthy and happy life, but when keeping a secret from your best friend; you need to be careful, no matter what the secret is. But especially when that secret may be damaging to your friendship.
"You're only as sick as your secrets" - Anonymous


3. Ollie Hawkins

  Few know the true Ollie Hawkins, but if nothing else you should know he's farsighted and realistic. Of course he's also charismatic, creative and independent, but they're less prominent and often intertwined with being extreme as well.

His farsightedness though, this is what he's most well-liked for. There are many times when friends count on this and his considerate nature especially when they need comforting or support.

There a few of Ollie’s less favourable traits too, which he has many of. His criminal nature and amoral nature cause plenty of grievances and reach all around.

Fortunately his realism is there to relift spirits when needed.


  Ollie, who was once a gawky boy with no sense of style; was now a big husky lad. His light brown, curly hair neatly coiffured to reveal a sculpted, almost worried looking face. All his facial features where very small, but his gentle amber eyes stood out from all his other features; they sort of resembled gems. 


  The Hawkins name was always very well known in Wimborne, since they where one of the founding families of the small town. So of course when Mr and Mrs Hawkins, Ollie's parents, got their divorce everyone knew about it. It was even on the online local news site. That is why Ollie's mum deiced to move out of town after the divorce was done; she couldn't handle being in a town where everyone was gossiping about her every move. Ollie was never the biggest fan of his farther even before the divorce, but after the divorce Ollie grew to despise his farther. His dad no longer recognised him as his son, made Ollie refer to him as Mr. Hawkins. 

  After Ollie moved back, the first person he recognised was Else. Him and Else where never really friends when they where in nursery since he did take her cabbage patch doll, but that didn't mean they couldn't be friends now. Due to Else, Ollie met Aurora. The three of them clicked so well, it was great finally having friends he could talk to. 



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