7 Secrets Of Friendship

Not all truths need to be shared with everyone—or even anyone—to maintain a healthy and happy life, but when keeping a secret from your best friend; you need to be careful, no matter what the secret is. But especially when that secret may be damaging to your friendship.
"You're only as sick as your secrets" - Anonymous


4. June 18th 2019

 *Aurora's POV* 

  I can't believe how much time has gone by, Ollie comes back this Friday and so much has changed. I am scared to see how much he has changed. I haven't spoken to Else since Ollie left, and we didn't really leave things on good terms. I wonder if Ollie will come to school or if he is even allowed to come back to school after what he did; Ollie got sent to juvie for 3 years for arson, breaking and entering and theft. I wonder if he met someone while he was in juvie, or if he still likes me maybe he might not even remember me.  

  Re-guarding Else, I very much doubt she will talk to me ever again, or Ollie. After her and Ollie slept together, she became obsessed with him; I remember her telling me how in love with him she was, how much he meant to her and how he made her feel complete. I hated it when she talked about Ollie, it killed me inside every time. She would constantly say how beautiful his eyes were; I don't really think she was truly in love with him, it was just because they had, had sex and he was her first. Plus if she really was in love with him she would of noticed how his beautiful eyes complimented his wide and bright smile perfectly, and how peaceful he looked whilst sleeping. I was the one who was in love with Ollie.

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