7 Secrets Of Friendship

Not all truths need to be shared with everyone—or even anyone—to maintain a healthy and happy life, but when keeping a secret from your best friend; you need to be careful, no matter what the secret is. But especially when that secret may be damaging to your friendship.
"You're only as sick as your secrets" - Anonymous


2. Else Greene

  There's more than meets the eye in the case of Else Greene, but two things you'll never forget are that she's loyal and tolerant.

Nobody's perfect of course and Else has a fair share of lesser days too. Her dominating nature and envy can cause things to heat up and beyond what people are willing to deal with. Luckily her caring nature helps make sure these days are few and far between.


  Else was a petite girl, but even though she was small; she still had curves in all the right places which made her very desirable. She had blonde, flowing hair that she always pulled back to reveal a fine, radiant face. Her eyes were the biggest feature on her face, the colour of dark chocolate with flecks of hazel nut. 


  Even though Else’s best friend has the same name as a Disney princess, out of the two of them Else was the princess. Else grew up in a more upper-class family, they had always been very set in their traditions. Just like an typical upper-class household they of course had their money, her dad was a banker and her mum an Estate agent. They lived in a big house in the gated community, their house just as elegant as Else’s mother was beautiful, 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 2 studies, a living room for the family and a separate one for entertaining guests. Their kitchen, dinning room and conservatory was all open spaced and joined together. You would of thought with all this room Else’s parents would have had more children but they only ever had Else. Their reason, as they had always told Else whenever she asked was “because after we had you, we couldn’t imagine ever needing another child, you fill us with so much love and we want to just focus on you.” Which was always true. She is adored by her parents and she adores them.


  In Else’s first year of high school she met Aurora, her first thought when she saw Aurora was “I have to be friends with her” and that’s exactly what she did. Not soon after she became friends with Aurora, she bumped into Ollie. Else had gone to Nursery with Ollie and was in little school with him for a couple years before his parents divorced. Then he moved out of town with his mum. Ollie, Aurora and Else, she always thought it had a good ring to it. She knew she would love her best friends till the very end. 

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