7 Secrets Of Friendship

Not all truths need to be shared with everyone—or even anyone—to maintain a healthy and happy life, but when keeping a secret from your best friend; you need to be careful, no matter what the secret is. But especially when that secret may be damaging to your friendship.
"You're only as sick as your secrets" - Anonymous


1. Aurora Middlesworth

  Secrets. Everyone has them, some may be embarrassing maybe like the time you wet yourself when you where little; whilst other secrets can be a lot bigger and a lot scarier. Some secrets have the power to destroy friendships, there is always a danger to secrecy in friendships. But imagine if in your group of friends, there where 7 secrets. 7 secrets that all connected to each other and formed a wed. You can imagine how messy that would get, especially when it was only a group of 3 friends.  


  It takes a while to get to know Aurora Middlesworth, but most know that above all else she's intelligent and idealistic. She's also honest, efficient and imaginative, but in a way they're lesser traits and tainted by behaviours of being desperate as well. Her intelligence though, this is what she's often adored for. On many occasions people will count on this and her methodical nature when they're feeling down.

  Aurora had no outstanding features, with shoulder-length copper hair that slightly covered her small young face. Her hooded blue eyes, which made her incapable of ever being able to pull off any eye makeup. She had freckles that spread charmingly across her cheeks, but her smile was really the thing that made her pretty. Aurora’s figure was more boy like then feminine, with her being 5ft7 she towered over everyone else; also with her lack of curves it made her look more like a lanky teenage boy then a girl. 

  Aurora grew up in a regular suburban area with her two mums. Her birth mum turned gay right after conceiving her; her parents are still the best of friends of course, her mum is basically her dads gay best friend. Having two mums was always normal for Aurora as she grew up with it but other kids found it weird whenever they came round her house; that’s why she stopped inviting people round, not that she was ashamed of her mums. More of being ashamed of her own generation and there non-accepting views. Her grandparents turned their back on their daughter just after she got with her girlfriend. Since she was originally from an upper-class family, it was looked down apon to be gay. Luckily in Aurora’s first year of high school she met Else, Else had no issues with her mum being gay and would come round for dinner regularly. After meeting Else, Aurora met Ollie, and he was the most supportive person she’d ever met about her two mums, he loved the fact that even though their families disowned them they still stayed together. It wasn’t long after that, that Aurora decided she had met her two best friends for life. 




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