2AM Thoughts

thoughts of an insomniac


6. Self Love should be embraced.

I see you write a lot,

about heartbreak, about loss, and about pain.

The pain is so deep and clear,

it's cutting sharp lines.

When I look at you I see unrefined sorrows

and tear stained cheeks and

gasping breaths and

I just feel like I need to ask you this.

Why do you write about him,

to him,

for him,

when you could be writing about yourself,

to yourself,

for yourself?

Because to me it is simple.

What you need the most isn’t to write a couple of hundred verses to him,

about how much it hurts.

What you need the most, is a single poem,

to yourself,  

about how important you are.

About how important self love is.


P.S: I'm a hypocrite


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