2AM Thoughts

thoughts of an insomniac


32. Let's talk deep.

Talk to me.
I swear I'll listen.
Tell me about the nightmare you had last night, the argument this morning. Tell me about the first time you saw your mum cry. Tell me who broke your heart and why. Tell me about the last book you read. Tell me why you have such shitty taste in music. Tell me about those dreams you desperately want to have. Tell me why you still have so much hope when this world is just fucked up. Tell my why you're mad today. Tell my why you've had a headache for a while. Tell me what you want to be when you grow up. Tell me your nickname. Tell me why you overthink everything. Tell me what makes you the happiest. Tell me when was the last time you cried. Yelled. Screamed. Laughed.
Tell me and I swear I'll listen.
Cos I like it all deep. 

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