2AM Thoughts

thoughts of an insomniac


19. Last night I fell asleep.

Last night I fell asleep.
It's been so long since I've felt that feeling.
It was rare, 
to just let my eyes close,
and not realise that tonight,
wouldn't be restless.

And I had the most amazing dream.

Where I tasted the sky as I flew from cloud to cloud,
with the lightest of wings spread from my back.
I lay on satin sheets, as my skin was kissed with burning goldspecks from the sun.

My head turned to the side,
only to be greeted with indigo eyes
that turned from violet to green to yellow,
and bronze freckles that flitted across a dainty nose.
Twas a faerie, 
who smiled gold teeth and kissed my face with purple lips,
and let her scent of  magical hills and magical woods 
fill my nose till my head fell back. 

I thought it was heaven,
as the soft murmurs of sweet voices,
ringing in my ears,
ignited curiousity and brought comfort to me.
I learnt the tales of this kingdom that night,
and walked amongst the faerie folk,
with their glistering eyes and glowing smiles,
that made me feel the lightest I could ever be.

They placed upon my tangled brown hair,
a shimmering crown made from the finest of ivory,
and decorated with ruby jewels and diamond studs.

The wind blew softly around me, as I stood on the greenest of hills
in a silk blue dress,
made from the flower fields of tulips and hyacinths,
that hugged my small figure and made me feel beautiful.
And so I let a smile cross my face.

The frosty air,
filled my lungs till I felt lightheaded,
but not weak. 

We dined on an oak table that stretched afar,
and my eyes werE met with a mighty sight,
of bowls of fresh whipped cream with the sweetest of fruits,
white powdered cakes and jugs of juice,
sandwiches the size of a baby's palm, next to pitchers of milk
and plates of blueberry muffins.

I ate until my could no more, then felt my eyes start to droop.

The night had come to an end,
and I felt the sadness seep back into my heart 
as I looked around and realised,
the time had come to say goodbye.

My cheeks were warm from a thousand of kisses,
and my hands clutched at the tiny hands that grasped my own,

I waved and smiled till every part of me ached,
then let the rose petals surround me,
swirling in a circle till all was a blur,
that let me disappear,
and the crown that once sat opon my head,
fell to the ground as my back hit my mattress, and my head hit the reality that once again, I was awake whilst everyone else could sleep.

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