2AM Thoughts

thoughts of an insomniac


15. It's not okay.

It's okay you know,
to walk around feeling lifeless,  
just worthless, 
completely useless
for a while.

It's not wrong, 
to feel like giving up, 
simply screwing up, 
or just puking up

Who decided it's a crime,
to get caught up in the hoping for the next day to be okay?

Because today,
just left you wanting to find an escape, 
where you can change your shape, 
and your wounds don't feel agape.

It's alright to get lost in your own mind, feeling like knowing yourself 
takes a walk in a labyrinth, 
where your heart is shattering, 
your thoughts are scattering,
and your head's just begging for some aspirin.

And when you finally get to where you're supposed to be,
you're tired, 
and your brain is no longer hardwired,
to find this light.

This light where you're saved, 
eyes are unglazed, 
and body left unscathed.

Where all you can feel is empowerment, 
that there are no more requirements, 
and your worth is no longer a meaurement. 

It's okay apparently, 
completely fine, even.
But these unspoken words are mine only,
transmitted from a body that's lonely,
from a brain that's crazy,
and a mind that betrays me

and tells me that what I'm feeling is normal.

P.S: It shouldn't be normal.

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