2AM Thoughts

thoughts of an insomniac


11. It's March and...

It's March and I don't feel things are going according to plan and

I'll be honest, it's knocked me off course and

I think I'm slipping,

or is it tripping?  

A lack of gripping?

I made a promise to work my butt off, but

I'll be honest I think it was broken before I even thought it and  

now I feel out of control,

far away from my goal,

and to tell you the truth, the opposite of whole.

There is something missing, but I'm not sure what.

Part of me is rolling my eyes, thinking it's only March,

and part of me is closing my eyes and thinking it's already March.

Half of me is laughing, thinking I'm just being dramatic and

one might call me problematic and

this will all prove to be anticlimatic,

whilst half of me is frowning, thinking maybe now is the time to let go,

and swallow

these lumps, and just try to look forward to tomorrow.


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