2AM Thoughts

thoughts of an insomniac


5. I'm already setting standards for my kids.

My children won’t have a granddad.

And I’m grateful.

They won’t have to suffer,

from his twisted truths,

multiple manipulations,

and victimised mentality,

like I did. My children are going to have a grandma.

She’ll care for them,

feed them the best food,

and teach them that sacrifices are important and necessary.

Her standards for them will be set high

and it will only take a few tears later,

before they realise,

they will never be able to reach them.

Like I did. My kids will have a mum

who screws up,

and I hope they love her for it.

I’m not even sure if my children will have a father who stays.

But whatever happens

I hope they have the guts to stick up for themselves

and know what they are worth.

Like I didn’t.


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