2AM Thoughts

thoughts of an insomniac


20. Hope has no place anymore.

It's hard to think that you and I,
are both humans, 
yet we both cry,
for different reasons.

When you're life is still upsidedown,
I can barely look at your face,
just manage a frown,
because all I see,
is tearstained cheeks, 
layers of dust from thousands of homes,
broken from the many foreign drones,
and empty streets that just run with red,
that are quick to become another child's new bed.

I'm sorry.
That this world is so messed up,
so fucked up,
because trying to save innocent lives,
from the endless bombings and heavy missiles,
takes numerous debates where 
you're not even seen as a person,
because their words just seem to worsen
your fate,
as the words "mission to bomb Syria" activates,
and all your seen to be,
in the eyes of the corrupt many,
is unneccessary bagggage,
much less collateral damage.

There are too many wounds to count,
from your legs,
to your eyes,
that try to disguise
the fact that they were once filled with life,
but are now simply dead,
and finally to your small head,
that has memories no child should hold,
but it's way out of your control,
to do anything.

The difference between our lives,
brings tears to my eyes 
as I bow to pray.
As I lose myself in a crowd at school,
I'm back to knowing the world is still cruel,
because whilst I'm surrounded by living people,
I realise that your confined to be in the middle,
of lifeless bodies and growing corpses.

Six years ago,
it's like watching a running show.
I never thought we'd come to this,
where we're just taking the piss.
Where another country takes it in turn,
to show their unconcern,
as they fill your grey sky with their dirty planes,
destroying any last remains,
without a second thought,
as we have no moral compasses anymore,
just turning everything into chaos,
and leave you bleeding.
To make it all stop.
But hope has no place here anymore.

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