One direction are the bad guys on the isle of the lost. They get a chance to go to Auradon Prep with another girl. What is going to happen? Will they stay evil???....


4. 4

Louis pov

That Helga was real cute. I will go for her later but now Haley wants us all to plan how we are getting the fairy godmothers wand

'We could get Malefecient out of her prison. Mal and them have powers here so we should also have' she said

'Perfect. Can we leave now?' I said

She sighed and said okay. I then left

Haleys pov

Its so obvious he likes Helga. Why her? Harry looked at me and immediately knew whats wrong. He hugged me.

'He doesn't like her. He probably just wants to flirt with her.'

I doubt that.....

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