One direction are the bad guys on the isle of the lost. They get a chance to go to Auradon Prep with another girl. What is going to happen? Will they stay evil???....


3. 3

Harrys pov

We had reached Auradon and there was a marching band playing for us. I saw Mal, Jay, Evie and Carlos. How could they betray us villains.

'Hi. I am king Benjamin. Welcome to Auradon.'said 'king' ben

'Hi,' haley said, growling while staring at a girl dressed in pink and giving Haley the evil eye.

Haleys pov

I hate pink and this pink 'princess' keeps on giving me the evil eye.

'Hi. I am Helga, daughter of Hercules' she suddenly said

Ohhhh..... But then why isnt she also giving Harry the evil eye.

She walks to Harry and starts flirting with him. Doesnt she know he is also Hades child?

'Hi. I am Harry, son of HADES,' he emphasises on the Hades. But the girl dont care. She probably just wants to get in his pants. Disgusting....

Mal started showing us around and introducing us. When Ben left, she said,' please dont try anything. Ben is giving you five a chance. Dont throw that chance away' she then walks away. Pssshh does she think we are going to listen to her? If she does , she and her friends are wrong

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