One direction are the bad guys on the isle of the lost. They get a chance to go to Auradon Prep with another girl. What is going to happen? Will they stay evil???....


2. 2


Louis and liam( son of queen of hearts):

They say we're evil

They say we're bad

They say we're rotten

That makes us glad

Niall (child of Mother Gother):

A dirty no good

Down to the bone

You're worst nightmare

Cant take me home

Harry and haley( children of hades):

So we've got some mischief

In our blood

Can you blame us?

We've never got no love

Zayn( son of Zelena, the wicked witch of West):

They say i'm callous

A low-life hood

I feel so useless


Haley: mirror mirror on the wall Whos the baddest of them all Welcome to my wicked world, wicked world

Everyone: we're rotten to the.....core

As they finish the song, one of Hades minions run to them saying,'your parents are calling you. They are all by Hades mansion.'

The villainous children walk to the mansion and see all their parents there.

'Great news. You are going to Auradon. King Ben has invited you but all of you must make a good impression and get the fairy godmothers wand. You MUST NOT fail like Mal ( daughter of malefecient) jay( son of jafar) evie daughter of evil queen and carlos son of cruella de vil. So no joining sports and stuff. From here on you are poison to the core.'

As hades says all this, haley and harry are talking about things.

'Do you still like Louis, haley?' Says harry


'I think in Auradon would be your chance because he doesnt have a girlfriends. So best would be in the car'


The car then pulls up and they get away from their parents.

Keep control of the boys haley. You know how they can get.' Says hades. Haley nods and gets in the car.

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