Don't trust what I say

There really isn't much to say. Just read and interpret what you want.


1. Don't trust what I say

I look at these quotes, I look at these words,
they are supposed to give my comfort and health,
but when i see them I get sick to my stomach,
some of these things are nice,
but some are just meaningless, 
life is 10 % of what happens to us, and 90 % of how we react,
this is the fourth quote that comes up, when you google life quotes
I didn't even have to scroll down,
It's such a stupid thing to say, and such a stupid thing to make people believe,
all these life quotes are supposed to make you feel better,
but they just make me feel worse,
live life to the fullest
they make me feel stupid, when i lie down and watch youtube,
i'm supposed to be allowed to relax,
but when i look at this it makes me feel stupid,
I am not living life to the fullest,
Cause there is no full and empty,
there is just you and me,
and what we feel and what we do,
and no quote is gonna change the way i see life,
and this poem may help some people,
but I say this with great intent,
do NOT live by what i say,
this is just my mind folding out and explaining what i feel in this exact moment,
in ten minutes i will have a new perspective of life,
something will have influenced me, 
and i'll want to do that for the rest of my life,
and no words should be heard too little,
but no words should be heard too much,

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