Shift in Reality

Carrie Kiss is the new girl in a perfectly normal town or so it seems. Living beside the woods has been the ideal scenery for starting anew. That is until she gets an unexpected guest. Because Carrie has a secret. One that has her running away from everything she once knew and believed.

Liam Kimber is the resident badass. Somewhat of a loner, no one dares to cross him at least if they value their life. Apart from being the son of an Alpha, he is the strongest and most brutal werewolf of them all.

What happens when these two people, both attempting to escape their destiny, cross paths? Let's just say, sparks will fly.


18. When the truth slips

"Despite the fact that we love each other, I still feel like you're keeping something from me, Liam."

"I feel the same way Kissie; we both have something big we're not telling each other."

Liam and Carrie stared at each other, wondering who would take the step first and lift the weight that had been surrounding their relationship since they confessed to each other.

Everyone knew now that Carrie and Liam were a couple and they all approved of it. Even the little Kimber's were happy, and babysitting them was more fun with Liam being around most times than not. Carrie still couldn't stay for pack meetings at the teen wolves' house and she wondered what the deal about it was.

But she felt no offence, one day they did feel comfortable around her, that if she wasn't found by Zarin first or Xiva, who would cater her off to the Jivs realm, while Zarin would get married to her as soon as he found her. They said she was the most powerful of Jivs to be born in millenniums? When she wasn't even a master of her powers and everyone seemed stronger than her somewhat, her life was just one huge bloody joke.

Liam wasn't sure it was the right moment to tell her he could take the form of a wolf at will; neither did he want to lose the calm and leisure moments with her as a wolf yet. He needed their love to be much more solidified, so she wouldn't run when she found out the truth, for her not to be scared so much that she did understand and love him for him.

"I guess neither of us is ready."

Liam said finally if she would just trust him and tell him whatever it was that she was running from so he could help her and know to protect her if anything ever came. But she just had to stay quiet... he didn't care if she found out if he was a wolf because he would never let her go.

"Are you going to run now? Because that's all you do when something gets complicated. You get up and run!"

"I am not the one running from whatever it is you're! Tell me which eighteen-year-old leaves home to a remotely new town, with no plans for the future, in search of a job to live by. You're not're hurting and broken but you won't let anyone in but the freaking wolf, who you can't even bring yourself to tell much to anyway... you're just too scared!"

"What the hell Liam! Do you spy on me? How do you even know I speak to the wolf or what I say to the wolf?"

Did he let it slip, he froze.

Carrie looked at him mad and angry, while all his emotions had gone on lockdown. Both of them stared into each other's eyes and in a blink of the eye, he was gone. Something wasn't right.

The Kimber's moved with unusual fast speed and most of the members of the teen wolves, and the speed they move at should be considered inhuman. What if she had set herself up in one of Zarin's traps, what if these people were working for Zarin and were trying to decipher if she was a Jivs or not?

What if her weak heart had fallen falsely all over again? She could feel her power shimmering inside her, she had to get a grip of herself and not lose it. Liam didn't make her feel the way Zarin had, what she felt for him went deeper and if Liam was just toying with her... she would lose the last of her sanity and become unhinged and set hell upon everything, which was her destiny if she ever cracked to the point of no return.

Carrie's hands flew to her head, and she let out a painful scream, as she sunk to her knees on the floor, clutching her head, like it would stop the searing pain. Tears spilling from her eyes as she let out another pained scream, wishing the head splitting headache would just disappear.

The little Kimber's rushed to her but they couldn't do anything, they had heard the argument and thought Kissie was crying when it was something more.

Carrie collapsed on the floor shrieking and convulsing, tears streaming from her eyes, wishing that the pain would go away. When it all stopped and she only had a moment to breathe in relief, when the pain started again fiercer than the one before it.

Lace couldn't watch and took off running after her brother, while Lee had curled up in a corner crying, and wishing he could help stop Carrie's pain, she was scaring him greatly. Carrie's body jerked violently twice and then she stopped moving altogether.

Liam had already started heading back to the house, his body was in pain, it felt like he was on fire and that could only mean one thing, something had happened to Carrie. If only he had stayed back and not be a coward, like she accused him, when things got tough he took off and ran, finding something to release his anger on, instead of working it out, but now something had happened to Carrie.

He found a cub racing towards him and it was no other than Lace. She was crazed in her state and when she reached him, her words were jumbled up has she spoke to him in his head letting out little whimpers which meant she was in hysterics and had been crying.

Fear flashed through Liam's heart and he didn't wait for her to finish explaining because he had seen in Lace head, Carrie clutching her head, screaming and jerking violently on the floor.

As if her chest was being ripped open and her heart being pulled out of her chest.

He couldn't sense her and that made him scared. Nothing, he received no vibe, aura or pulse coming from her, only Lee crying in a corner, and Lace running with him at his back. He changed back to his human form and crouched beside her unmoving body, searching radically for a heartbeat, pulse or anything, he nearly died when he didn't feel anything... until he listened closely, it was there everything was there just extremely faint.

He carried her from the floor, carrying her like his child to his bedroom, his younger siblings behind him. He placed her on his bed; made sure she was comfortable and called Matt and Dan, their family were the healers of the pack.

He sunk on the floor resting his head, next to hers, and tears silently slipped from his eyes. His heart was being shredded and fixed then the painful process started all over again. He called himself the strongest, said he could face anything yet he couldn't even face the one he loved. He had left her when she wasn't feeling fine and if he hadn't been quicker lord knows what might have happened to her.

Matt and Dan arrived as soon as possible and sent the Kimber's out of the room. His little siblings piled on him and started crying, voicing their fears and the terrors they went through watching Carrie. Tears fell from his eyes as he watched in their heads, his arguing with Carrie, and how she found herself in this state.

The three of them jerked up when they heard Carrie's scream and they all rushed back to Liam's room.

Carrie wasn't on the bed; she was floating and screaming, saying words they couldn't even understand like she had been possessed. Worse yet the air around her was crackling, she let out another scream, but the words she was saying although pained was in English and it chilled everyone's bone in the room.

"Zarin, shall it be the last thing I do. Your death is mine."

The light in the house started flickering till it went off and Carrie's body started to glow, was the only thing illuminating light she let out one more final heart-breaking scream and she fell from the air she had been suspended in like a doll, and crashed onto the bed below like a deflated doll and didn't move at all. The lights came back on and so did her heartbeat and pulse increase and was thundering in everyone in the rooms ears.

It was clear to anyone, that Carrie wasn't a normal being like they had thought; she was something more and very powerful. But despite Liam shock, fear and alarm...all his mind and the wolf cared about was she was okay at least for now.

Carrie hadn't known what was happening to her body and she had tried to fight it until she lost. She woke up in the dark and couldn't understand what was going on. Her body didn't feel like it was being smashed by a trailer truck nor her head felt like it was splitting, she was once again fine. But nothing was fine where was she?

"Xiva!" silence no answer, she felt tears spill to her eyes, thinking of the frustrating pain she had just been in minutes ago, weren't they clear on the fact that he brought pain upon her when he forcefully tried to take her to wherever in the unconsciousness realm? "Answer me! I hate you at the very moment, how could you."

"I'm not Xiva, my dearest Bride."

A chill went down her spine and a bit of fear, she turned around to see Zarin clearly despite the darkness and on his handsome face stood a smile that looked so beautiful, yet at the same time evil, how come she never noticed it at first, because she had been naïve and stupidly blind.

"I should have guessed it was you."

"No now darling, how was I to know that you'd struggle, you see if you had let go willingly they need not be pain upon your part. So for that, I apologise."

"Let me go Zarin."

"It's been a bloody while since I last saw my bride, when she ran away from me, seven months now and you don't even seem miserable, there is a happiness around you, although you seem quite broken at the moment."

"I am not your bride and I don't want anything from you."

Zarin watched her, he was losing his patience, yes his motives towards her weren't holy or clean, but he truly loved her, always had since he was little. Did it pain him being the one causing her this much pain, yes but what he needed to be done had to be done and the petty and foolish game she was playing, was just making matters worse?

"I see you have found the wolves, not long now and I shall find you my beautiful bride, my loyal and forever faithful knights have gone raiding and searching all the wolves spot... soon we would find you and we shall be wedded once and for all."

"I will never let it happen. I won't marry someone I don't love or someone I hate more than life itself."

"But I love you; it's enough for the both of us."

"Let me go Zarin or you'll regret it."

"No, I miss you so I shall keep you, prisoner, here."

That was it, she lost it. She didn't know she had the power in her to do this and was more than surprised, when suddenly like she thought in her head. Zarin was down on his knees, like the weight of the whole world was on his back, threatening to crush him at any moment.

"Fantastic, you've grown stronger and understand your powers more; we'll make a beautiful match."

"Zarin, shall it be the last thing I do. Your death is mine."

Then did Zarin feel a little bit of fear, and believed he had underestimated her, and although he appeared cheerful, he was certain she might kill him in this reality, making his soul wander forever in the darkness he had held them captive. He did the only thing he could think off, he let her go. Vowing he would find her and claim what was his once and forever and it was she.

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