Shift in Reality

Carrie Kiss is the new girl in a perfectly normal town or so it seems. Living beside the woods has been the ideal scenery for starting anew. That is until she gets an unexpected guest. Because Carrie has a secret. One that has her running away from everything she once knew and believed.

Liam Kimber is the resident badass. Somewhat of a loner, no one dares to cross him at least if they value their life. Apart from being the son of an Alpha, he is the strongest and most brutal werewolf of them all.

What happens when these two people, both attempting to escape their destiny, cross paths? Let's just say, sparks will fly.


24. Walking through mass destruction

Not up to an hour after Carrie had left her house did Liam wake up. Liam couldn't feel her beside him, her warmth wasn't reaching him either and his wolf senses alerted him that she wasn't even anywhere near or within the same miles as he was in.

He sat up with a start and searched for her fanatically, not knowing what would make her leave their lovemaking bed and be as far away from him as possible at this moment when everything was finally right about them. He started dressing, when he stopped and looked at her door, standing there, stood a spectacular young man, whose presence must be known wherever he entered, he shimmered with energy and called for attention, a show stopper. Was this the Zarin dude? Liam's blood started to boil, wanting to rip out his heart for hurting Carrie.


"What have you done to Carrie? Give her back."

Xiva watched Vali's beau, the one that made her happy and scared at the same time. The one that had been there for her, when her family couldn't. A wolfman, one that she had completely bonded with. He watched in disguised amusement as he got into defence mood a scowl on his beautiful but now turned menacing face, ready to battle till his death for his mate. He respected that about the boy, but if he was Zarin, this act would be one of sheer foolishness, because these wolf people couldn't even stand a chance with Zarin and his army. This was where he came in, his duty to his sister to right the wrongs on his path towards her, to protect the Wolf people who had taken her in and her loved ones in this town from Zarin in case she didn't find him in time.

"And how will you get her back, if I choose to disagree Liam? I like your act of bravery but it is also an act of misplaced courage and high foolishness. Ask that of Zarin if he did indeed capture her and you did get yourself killed along with the rest of the world, if you die before Vali, in an ungodly way."

"Who are you then if you don't have Carrie?"

"I'm Xiva, your brother-in-law to be."

"Where is Carrie?"

"Gone after Zarin, have to stay and babysit this town, in case Zarin reaches here before she finds him, or he captured her. She cares about you lots and is trying to lead him away from here. But fat lots that's going to do her, you see your people hurt her."

"I know that and they are going to pay for that."

"I like you already."

"Can we go and inform my father about what may or may not occur, before I leave to go and find Carrie and bring her out of her self-imposed foolishness."

Was all Liam said, finished buttoning his shirt and left the small cabin expecting Xiva to follow behind him, His heartbeat had accelerated and despite him acting like he had his head his inside was in turmoil, the wolf pacing and wanting to be let loose, to rip at something, in fear that Carrie would hurt herself or get hurt without him being able to be there for her, the distance between them was also killing him, more so now that they had mated...everything he felt about her intensified more than anything, no one would ever compare to her or replace her if anything happened to her, he would not think of her being dead, because it just wasn't possible. The only thing that kept him in place was that he knew she wasn't hurt and she was still fine and capable, unhurt because their souls, minds and bodies had connected while they mated, they were now in-tune with each other and all their senses.

He was mad at her for doing this, without even confronting him, he hurt because she was breaking the trust he had in her even if it was a good deed.


Everything felt new to Carrie, she saw things different, like she had been reawakened, reborn. She could sense and feel Liam even though he was far away and could feel his turmoil and how upset he was about what she had done, she felt a pang of pain for hurting him and causing him to worry. The guilt was eating at her, but there was no turning back and she had to do this, for once she would fight and not run and remain sheltered like she had been doing all her life.

No matter how hard she tried she couldn't penetrate Zarin's mind, or find his location, like he was purposely trying to block her out, so instead she decided to follow his trail, from all the towns he had attacked and turned into chaos, making herself invisible after her first encounter with the wolfmen of the first town he had attacked and how hostile they had been to her, even wanting to kill her, but she was too powerful for the little of them remaining to even capture or think of coming close to harming her.

No matter what she saw that upset her, or encounters with people that made her uncomfortable, or hurting herself as she slaved her way around the mundane realm, she tried not to let it show in her or affect her, masking her emotions well, not only for her sake but for Liam's sake also, because she knew he felt everything she felt just like she felt everything he felt and knew as the days passed and she still hadn't returned to him, he grew more frustrated, impatient and angrier. He would be the only person that could track at this moment because she covered her trails well and the only thing keeping him from finding her or anyone from the little town in Oregon from coming after her, was her brother.

She promised herself she wouldn't cry out of frustration because she couldn't find Zarin, and every place he had made mass destruction of wouldn't affect her or the strain of actual being away from Liam for this long wasn't affecting her, but after a week of holding out, she finally broke and ended up sobbing her soul out for hours before falling into deep slumber.

"Come back already."

"I can't Liam, not until I find him."

"He doesn't want to be found. I am angry and frustrated with you, but I just need to hold you in my arms, Kissie."

She couldn't reply him because she wanted the same. She missed him so much and she didn't even know it would have taken up to a week to trace Zarin, but even still she still hadn't found him.

"I love you, Liam."

"I don't like how that sounds like a goodbye, there is no end to us Carrie and you know it."

She woke up and got a hold of herself, she wouldn't let Liam guilt her, she won't let him stop her from doing what was the right thing to do. It was time to follow her Zarin trail and hurry up about it.


Liam despite being annoyed with Xiva, still liked the dude, he was the male version of Carrie, but meaner and tougher. His father had been shocked when Xiva had explained everything to him, but wasn't at a loss for words, seeing that the effect of the things he had seen over the last few days from Carrie, had started wearing off on him.

The wolves were mad, no one could leave town and the old prejudice ones were, even more, fearing when Liam and Xiva had both called them out during one of the meetings, no one had dared being rude to Xiva, who looked menacingly at the lots of them expect from the Kimber's.

The wolves trained and prepared for war, while Xiva watched on amusedly, there was no way they could ever defeat Zarin, and their only weapon or hope of surviving was him, but they chose not to listen. The little Kimber's chose to keep Xiva entertained asking him questions about his realm, in sheer pleasure and good curiosity and he gladly informed them and told them tales. Lee wanted to know more about Carrie, which was really adorable to him, how Lee deafened and spoke about Carrie, it was flattering to see the little boy had developed feelings for her.


On a night filled with storms and rain, Xiva knew the time had come and Zarin had arrived, but he couldn't even sense Vali to inform her she had been too late, he had found her home. It was so Zarin to arrive in grand style and he had already set a building on fire, alerting the wolves of their invaders.

"It is happening Xiva isn't it?"

Lace and Lee had been staying with him in Carrie's cabin and had just rushed into the sitting area he had been sitting up on. They came and curled onto his laps, he could feel their fear, his anger boiled and why was Zarin not even the slightest bit rational.

He waited, holding the little ones, knowing that the wolves or the Kimber's would first come and find him, the battleground had been set for the front of Vali's cabin, because it had the widest and freest open space in the little town.

"No matter what you two, never come out from the bunker in the ground, unless Carrie comes to get you. Carrie wants it that way, inside the bunker has everything you ever need and a new nanny is going to join you."

Xiva instructed the sniffling kids.

"I want Carrie, not a new nanny."

"Carrie isn't here, Lee, let's just do as Xiva says, for Carrie's sake."

"Thank you, Lace, for understanding."

"You will keep our family safe right, Xiva."

Xiva nodded his head at them, before crushing them in a hug, he was now part of their family, because of his little sister and her mate. He carried them both with his mind power, so they were floating in the air, he did this because they liked it and it made them laugh, and it didn't fail this time has he rushed them down and safe into the bunker, the nanny already waiting for them at the entrance.

"Be safe, and tell everyone the same thing Xiva, kick Zarin's butt."

"Yes, ma'am."

Xiva smiled at the bossy little girl before going back to Carrie's cabin, and the Kimber's and half the town were already there, waiting for him. He assured his acquired family that the little ones were safe, before telling everyone to huddle together, and just wait for Zarin and his army appearance.

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