Shift in Reality

Carrie Kiss is the new girl in a perfectly normal town or so it seems. Living beside the woods has been the ideal scenery for starting anew. That is until she gets an unexpected guest. Because Carrie has a secret. One that has her running away from everything she once knew and believed.

Liam Kimber is the resident badass. Somewhat of a loner, no one dares to cross him at least if they value their life. Apart from being the son of an Alpha, he is the strongest and most brutal werewolf of them all.

What happens when these two people, both attempting to escape their destiny, cross paths? Let's just say, sparks will fly.


16. The feelings inside us

He didn't remember what happened; it was a blur in his head. All he was certain about was within due time Rogue Wolves were going to invade and attack them. They were planning something big against his pack. Something that was old and had been brewing for a long time now against his pack and it had to do with them now being Rogues.

He opened my eyes to see the worried face of Carrie right in front of his. He groaned, typical of the wolf to stray towards Carrie, when he became hurt or injured. Carrie had become the wolf's sanctuary. When wolves go into battle mood, all sense of humanity was lost and the only ones that were spared were the members of their pack, their mates and the wolf's own mate, which was a wolf's greatest weakness.

"Liam, what happened? Oh, thank goodness you woke up! I was ready to call the ambulance or Lenard. But I didn't want to get you into trouble for whatever it is you got involved with. You'll be the death of me."

Carrie rambled on frantically...making him let out a low chuckle, amused by her frazzled appearance. She stopped her speech and actually glared at him, before she abruptly stood up, which was totally uncalled for, for the back of his head collided with her wooden floor.

Which made him realise he was lying on the wooden floor of her front porch, with slight body pains that will fade within twenty-four hours. How badly beat up was he?

"I see I shouldn't have been worried about you." She said hotly. He might as well use this escapade to his advantage and benefits and also get back on her good grace and fasten the process of her loving him, since him loving her is out in the open. He groaned like his body had been suddenly seized and racked with serious pain, squeezing his eyes tightly shut and forced out "I'm sorry... it's just that you're cute...fussing over me." Immediately she was back beside him cupping his head from the floor and cradling it in her lap. Score Kimber.

"I couldn't move you inside, so here I was wiping your head with a towel dipped in iced-water hoping your fever would go down, but it just kept raging. I feel like trash for actually not telling anyone what if you are seriously hurt?"

Ignoring her he weakly got up, feeling the effects the fight had had on him, as he didn't need to pretend to wince in pain, as they slowly moved inside to her couch, she helping him walk there despite his complains, but honestly he wouldn't have made it without her help.

"Whenever I or Roni became sick, we made our special Chicken and Corn soup medicine for each other. I think you need some?"

At the mention of food, his inside flared and my stomach grumbled, but not loudly. He was totally famished, that was what fighting did to the body, it left you drained. "I did eat anything you could make at this moment." He grinned at her; she shook her head at his backhand compliment.

One of the downfall as a wolf was the process of recovering, it involved a lot of sleeping, and once she left, he found himself settling deeper into her couch, he knew not before long he did be in sleep land.

He woke up to the heavenly smell of chicken and opened his eyes to see Carrie setting down a tray with a glass bowl on it, on a small table she had placed in front him. She sat down on the couch and said to him in a sweet caring voice which brought pleasure to his soul and being.

"Should I feed you?" no if somebody else asked him that, he would probably push them into the nearest wall, for asking me such a stupid question, as if he was a baby and not a man, but now he was craving Carrie babying him. "Yes" he said eagerly and she giggled, making him laugh this time she took no offence and helped him sit up on the couch, before she moved closer to him and started to feed him her soup, which could rival his mom's meals.

He groaned in pleasure and didn't hesitate to compliment her good cooking. When he was done eating and had even drunk water, she still sat beside him fussing over him like a mother hen, and he just wanted to grab and kiss her. Like he knew they had so much to say and ask each other and she was just gauging time to ask.

He needed to go use the toilet and the air became more than awkward. There was no harm in helping him to the toilet and He did have an impressive junk if you got his drift. Nothing he wouldn't be proud to show her. Ah, there goes nasty pervy him again talking.

She waited for him in front of the toilet; he washed his hands after He went. So he was shocked when she praised him for washing his hands. Wasn't it something every boy did? She was glad to inform him it wasn't and he even got disgusted, cringing in fact.

They settled back on the couch and when she sat perched on the edge, he pulled her back till she was lying in his arms. "What happened to you, Liam?" He knew she was worried and as much as he hated lying to her, he couldn't exactly tell her some wolves beat him and actually ruin her views about the wolf she loved. The wolf won't even let him rest if he did do that.

"I got into a bad fight. I'll be as good as new tomorrow, I wasn't in a good place last night."

After he realised what he said he felt guilty because he was kind of blaming her without intending to. He looked at her but she was wearing a small grin, she hadn't misunderstood him. He started tickling her waist and she hysterically asked him to stop, they got caught up in silence, enjoying being wrapped in each other, when sleep stole him away and also her.

He woke up the third time with her still sleeping, he'd spent the day wrapped around her and wished he could do this some more, but he knew he had to go soon and then tomorrow he had to go tell his father what he had learnt. It had already gotten late and it was dark outside already. She shifted in her sleep, and he could see she was beginning to wake up. He watched because she looked so beautiful, and when she opened her eyes he was lost in it completely, till he noticed her face had a pink tinge to it, she was blushing.

He peck her forehead and she tired getting up, but he held her firmly to him, she laughed and said she had to go use the toilet, so he had to grudgingly let her go. She came back a little while later, to see him standing. He felt tons better. He grabbed her and twirled her in her sitting area. Her laughter ringing out in such a soft tone, He felt himself getting hard down there.

"Liam what are you doing? There is no music and you're not strong enough."

"Do I look not strong enough? And what do you think? Dancing."

He answered her twirling her again, and pulling her back to him wrapping his hand around her waist joining her front to his, as he moved them around her sitting area, she laughing in abandonment making him smile. He loved these moments the most when he made her laugh and smile.

So when he kissed her she was unprepared and so was he.

She loved him.

He felt the wolf stirring in happiness inside him, as their lips engaged in their fiercest battle yet. He could feel the finalising of their bonding taking it course, seeping from his body into hers. She let out a small whimper which the wolf growled to. He could bet she felt the difference in the kiss.

"You love me."

"Yes, I do."

"Why didn't you tell me yesterday?"

He accused her. Saved him all this trouble of leaving the town, but when he kissed her yesterday he didn't feel it, she must have realised it yesterday after he left. But he couldn't bring himself to fully regret not staying yesterday because he found out valuable information for the pack.

"Well, in this case, Cinderella never runs, just her Prince Charming does."

He started tickling her waist until she begged him to stop and when he did, she grabbed his face and kissed him hard. And when she pulled back

"I love you, Liam Drew Kimber."

"Who told you my middle name? I am going to kill that person."

"Why I think it's cute."

"Not when you share the name with a famous actress. Drew Barrymore."

Like he thought, no one could ever resist when he shared and told them the reason behind him disliking his middle name. She laughed at him and he was left feeling like a deserted puppy. She stopped laughing at him and hugged him.

"You're so cute."

To hell with him leaving, he was spending the night with her and no not the way you're thinking, he did like to hold the girl he loved, who actually loved him back. He was just one lucky wolf at the moment.

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