Shift in Reality

Carrie Kiss is the new girl in a perfectly normal town or so it seems. Living beside the woods has been the ideal scenery for starting anew. That is until she gets an unexpected guest. Because Carrie has a secret. One that has her running away from everything she once knew and believed.

Liam Kimber is the resident badass. Somewhat of a loner, no one dares to cross him at least if they value their life. Apart from being the son of an Alpha, he is the strongest and most brutal werewolf of them all.

What happens when these two people, both attempting to escape their destiny, cross paths? Let's just say, sparks will fly.


23. The act of mating

A/N: This contains explicit content, you can skip it all, but there's vital information at the end, that needs to be read and enjoy smuttins!

Liam moved to her bed, and sat down on the edge, bringing Vali between his spread thighs. Her hands fell lightly to his shoulders and she felt his strength.

His palms began a smooth glide up and down her body, going from the outside of her thighs, over her hips, to the indent of her waist and back again. He dragged air deeply into his lungs, breaking the silence surrounding them.

He made no move to deepen his caresses and she stood in front of him, her body shivering softly as she anticipated for his next move.

Helplessly, her body swayed toward his and she put her lips against his and softly kissed him. His body tightened against hers. The oxygen stalled in her lungs and she asked, "Why aren't you doing anything?"

His hands gripped her hips more tightly and the air hissed from his lungs. "I'm fighting myself," he answered. He anchored her to him, his grasp restraining. "I keep telling myself not to start this, not to start something with you that you won't be able to handle." He sucked in a lungful of oxygen. "But it's not working. I'm losing the fight. You're standing sweet and compliant here in this bedroom; I don't have the strength to do what I know I damn well should." He pushed her away from his body but kept his fists manacled around her upper arms. He focused on her eyes watching him in the darkness of the room.

"Why the change of heart?" she asked softly.

"It's not a change of heart. I haven't changed my mind. I'm just trying to give you a fighting chance, Carrie."

"Don't you want to bond us to each other once and for all?"

"Tonight I learned you've been through hell and back. And right now I'm finding out that I'm such a fucked-up bastard, that apparently, I don't give a shit."

His hands clenched in a restraining hold that spoke eloquently of his intent to proceed. A tiny smile played around her mouth. "You're not a fucked-up bastard. I want this, I belong to you and you only?"

"You belong to me, as I belong to you also." He looked deeply into her eyes, letting her see his conflicting emotions.

"But you're saying that you're willing to let me walk away right now? To leave you for Zarin."

His jaw clenched and his lips flattened into a distinct snarl. "If I have to, yeah," the words rumbled from his chest with menacing heat.

She ignored the threatening anger in his voice and focused on the content of his answer as she continued to beat the point home to him. "So you'd let me go if I thought it was the right thing for me?"

"Yeah. I just said that." His words were as much an accusation as an agreement.

"Why?" she questioned softly.

"Why?" His eyebrows pulled down. "Because I want what's best for you," he spits out, giving her a brutal and accusing glare that was in direct opposition to the words he spoke. "I care about you. I want you to be happy."

She nodded her head at his tortured clarification. It was really all she needed to hear. "I'm not going to leave you for anyone. I want this, Liam."

His hands moved and splayed over her butt as he hauled her closer. "Yeah?"

"Yeah," she whispered.

He tightened his grip with a steely, almost imperceptible nuance of threat. "Last chance."

"Pass" she murmured as her lips softly touched his.

Liam felt her soft lips against his and let her magic roll through him. Never in his life had he felt a need this intense. It had been like this for every godforsaken day since he'd met her.

He reached between them and began undoing the buttons that went all the way down her dress. When the slight curves of her soft white breasts were revealed above the lace of her bra, he lowered his head and took her silky skin in his mouth and suckled her there.

She squirmed in his arms and lifted her hands between them, going to work on the buttons of his shirt, excitement boiling up within her. Her movements became frantic.

"Shh. . . we're going slow, love." He lifted his mouth from her breast and they worked on each other's buttons, the silence of the night broken by the panting breaths they were taking. They finished releasing the buttons together, and she began pushing his shirt off his shoulders. He answered her silent request and shrugged his arms, dropping his shirt to the floor.

Her dress hung on either side of her body, the buttons parting it in two, her bra and matching panties peeking through.

He sucked in a breath and brushed the dress away from her waist and sank his fingers into her soft skin. "You're not on birth control, are you?"

She stiffened in his arms. "No," she whispered, and he could tell she was shocked by the question. "I'm clean, I promise. What are the chances you could get pregnant tonight?" His lips fell on her shoulder, his hands gripping her as he waited for her to answer.

"Can't you use something?" she asked.

"I can't, they don't make anything for wolves."

He lifted his lips from her shoulder as he watched her face scrunch in concentration. She spoke hesitantly, "I think it'll be fine. But what if I'm wrong? What if-"

"I wouldn't let anything bad happen to you. We'd handle it together, okay? Are you close to ovulation or not?"

"No, I'm pretty sure I'm not, but you know what they say, shit happens."

He let out a snicker. "Yeah. I'm okay with taking the chance, but only if you are, too." She bit her lip and ran her tongue over the abraded flesh. Her eyes rested on his, studying him. Her body quivered and she began a subtle move back from him. "I don't know, I-"

He interrupted her before she decided to back out altogether. "It's okay. I'm also clean and safe."

Pulling her into his chest and sinking his fingers into her hair. His mouth found hers and he kissed her deeply, entwining his tongue with hers and letting her scent wash over him. He kissed her, over and over and over again. She was his and the sweet feel of her exploded through him, hardening him.

His blood pooled and he felt himself surge against the zipper of his jeans. He shifted, trying to relieve the ache, as he gripped her tightly to him.

He tried to go slow, tried to make it good for her. As much as he wanted her; he wanted this time to be for her.

He pushed the dress from her shoulders and as it fell to the floor, he lifted his mouth from hers to look down at her body. He couldn't have begun to find the words to describe her ethereal beauty or how much he wanted her, so he didn't attempt to try.

He picked her up by the hips and twirled her until she was flat on her back in the centre of his bed, her body wrapped in only two small wisps of lace. He pushed to his feet and quickly divested himself of his boots, socks, jeans and briefs.

Putting one knee on the bed, he lowered himself beside her, completely naked, and took her in his arms without hesitation.

He ran his hand up her side, starting at her creamy thigh and travelling quickly up her hip, over the indent of her waist and landed on an enclosed breast. Her soft gasp and quickened breathing made his already rock-hard shaft pulse with need. He reached over to the lamp on the bedside table and flipped it on. Light glared into the room, making her blink.

She sucked in her breath and let out a small noise of panic. He tried to soothe her as he reached for her again.

"Shh, everything's okay."

"Why'd you turn the light on?" she whispered.

"I couldn't see you," he stated the obvious, his hands reaching for the clasp between her breasts. He pushed the cups away from the small, tempting mounds, his eyes fastened to the bounty he was uncovering.

A sharp sound came from his throat. Carrie saw him staring at her uncovered chest and the arousal that coloured his cheeks as he lowered his head and covered a nipple with his mouth. He began sucking like a starving man, his hand going to her other breast, pleasure, swift and intense, had her hips lifting off the bed and pushing against him.

His chest vibrated with the moan coming from deep in his throat. His lips lifted from her nipple and his voice rasped against the soft mound of her skin, "You're beautiful Vali. God, you're so beautiful."

She answered him, her heart constricting from the tenderness of his tone, "You're the beautiful one."

He lifted up at her words and stared at her, his gaze fixed on her. He peered at her intently, and she felt like he was trying to see into her soul. She didn't have anything to hide from him. She reiterated her words, "I think you're beautiful-I thought you were beautiful the first time I saw you." she whispered.

He visibly swallowed. "Are you ready now?"

A soft, pink flush covered her face. "Yes."

"Alright baby."

He reached down, smoothed his hands over her sides until they landed on her hips. He took her off her panties and tossed them aside. His gaze roaming her naked body and a primal look of satisfaction crossed his features. He lowered himself back down beside her.

He kissed her slowly, his tongue swirling with hers as her hands clenched his biceps. He rolled her nipple between his finger and thumb, and she began mewling softly into his mouth. He ran his hand up and down her thigh and lifted it over his hip, opening her softness to him. His finger slid between the soft folds at the centre of her feminine core and landed on her slick, wet clit. She jerked against him, moaning.

He rubbed against her, his finger going up and down between her clit and the soft opening of her vagina.

She was wet.

He thought she was wet and excited enough.

He slowly penetrated her with his finger up to his first knuckle. She was small and her inner muscles clenched him tightly. He felt the restriction of her hymen, and a fierce, territorial satisfaction hammered at his guts.

Yeah, that was what he wanted from her. That was the beginning of what he wanted from her. He carefully manipulated his finger while she moaned and shivered around him. Her chin butted against his cheek in agitation, and he sank his tongue in her mouth and began kissing her as he tested the strength of her virginity.

Sweat broke out on his brow when she whimpered in pain.

This was going to hurt her. He really, truly, did not want to hurt her.

He carefully removed his finger and slid it over her clit again. She began mewling in need and panting against him. With a vague idea of getting her so hot she might not feel the pain, he spread her legs wide and dropped down between them.

Shock hit Carrie when Liam lifted her thighs over his shoulders and pushed his head between her legs. "Liam-"

"Shhh, be still, it'll be okay."

Her shaking fingers sank into his hair as he spread her folds open and looked up at her, his face a contrast of emotions. She saw the need, worry, and arousal as he looked at her, his finger falling on the bud above her sex again.

Pleasure filled her and embarrassment left her completely as she watched him begin to use his tongue on her, all the while manipulating her clit until she began feeling great waves wrapping around her spine, flowing from her breasts down to pulsating need beating through her feminine core.

Her breath came quicker and mingled with the rough growling noises coming from his throat as he moved his tongue on her. His golden-brown eyes tangled with hers from his position between her thighs, and she knew the look on his face was going to push her over the edge. He came to his knees between her thighs, his mouth landing on hers and his finger pushing against her clit, wanting her as hot as she had been ten seconds before.

He didn't have to wait that long. His finger on her clit and his tongue in her mouth was enough to do it. She became frantic in his arms, and he knew she was about to let go. His pecs clenching in vicious need, the muscles in his neck cording, he pushed himself between her thighs, pressing her knees apart and hooking her legs up and around his waist. He pushed into her, taking her virginity with one smooth and hard thrust of his hips, pushing himself into her until he didn't know where he stopped and she began.

The blood pounding through his veins in a deep primal rhythm, he felt her take a shuddering breath and gave her to the count of three heartbeats to absorb the fullness of his intrusion. Then her muscles began contracting around him and he felt the beginning of pleasure take her. He began stroking her, pushing himself in and out, stroking her inside.

His lips landed on hers again, with his hips thrusting into her, and he felt it the second the orgasm take her body. She screamed, the sound muffled by his tongue and mouth over hers. She let loose in his arms and he was thrusting harder into her, as he erupted inside of her, following her over with pleasure so intense, he didn't know how he'd managed to live this long without it.

Carrie came back to herself, the glaring light from the lamp not allowing her to hide from anything. Liam lay on top of her, still deeply embedded in her, the only things keeping him from crushing her were his elbow and forearm holding him apart from her, just enough so she could draw breath. Her mind screamed from stunned shock at the way it had been between them.

Was this normal? Was sex always like this? Surely not. She bit her lip as her heart rate slowly receded. She expelled a shallow, shaky sigh.

His voice rumbled from the pillow above her head, "Did I hurt you?"

Surprisingly, no. "No." It was all she could manage.

He laid down beside her and pulled her into him, both breathes mixing together. They had both felt it, the moment when they knew they were truly ruined for anyone else. He had marked her and so had she marked him. He carried her to her bathroom and cleaned themselves up, took a nice shower together before going back to her room and cuddling in her bed, after what seemed like hours she finally spoke up.

"He's coming, he'll soon find me here."

"Zarin is coming?"

"Yes, he's destroying all wolf zones, in his search for me."

"He's going to wage war with us? All because of you."

"Yes, he wants me back Liam and I can't go back to him, nor do I want harm to come your way, or anyone's."

"I have to tell my father about this, don't worry we'll work it all out. Nothing is going to happen to anyone."

"He's powerful Liam."

"But we have you, he's not getting you. And my pack have a lot of explaining and apologising to do to you, I am so mad at what they did to you, how could they?"

"It doesn't matter Liam."

"Of course it does, but no worries let's just go to sleep."

She kept quiet and listened to him fall asleep, she was wrapped in him in a warm and loving cocoon, which made her want to cry. In order for her to save them, she needed to leave and find a mutual ground to face Zarin, somewhere harm wouldn't come across anyone, she could not do anything, yes, but Zarin was also equally powerful after all he spent most of his childhood researching in the Palace library.

She knew if she told Liam what she was going to do, he won't let her go or even, he did he'd want to come to and it would be better for all of them if Zarin didn't know about Liam.

Xiva would be arriving within an hour, she would instruct him on what to do, then leave Liam sleeping in her bed, while she went in search of Zarin to end this once and for all.

She met Xiva outside her repeller, for somebody who claimed she didn't miss him so much. She threw herself into her brother's arms and cried, while he held her and comforted her. When she had gotten a hold of herself, she quickly explained everything to him, he wasn't happy about it, but he knew he couldn't stop her and he owed her taking care of the people who had cared and took her in.

She disappeared, not once looking back, because if she did she didn't know if she could stand leaving Liam behind without explaining anything to him. She couldn't imagine how he would feel waking up to an empty bed.

Don't hate me loves *hides*

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