Shift in Reality

Carrie Kiss is the new girl in a perfectly normal town or so it seems. Living beside the woods has been the ideal scenery for starting anew. That is until she gets an unexpected guest. Because Carrie has a secret. One that has her running away from everything she once knew and believed.

Liam Kimber is the resident badass. Somewhat of a loner, no one dares to cross him at least if they value their life. Apart from being the son of an Alpha, he is the strongest and most brutal werewolf of them all.

What happens when these two people, both attempting to escape their destiny, cross paths? Let's just say, sparks will fly.


6. Teen wolves

"Carrie! Open up."

Carrie sat up on her bed, rubbing her eyes. She looked at her bedside drawer and saw her clock read twelve thirty-six p.m. for the first time since she could remember she had slept blissfully. She stretched and went downstairs to open the door for Nikki, who it seemed, would break down her door.

Nikki and Blaine stood outside her house, no sign of the twins anywhere. She let them inside, both of them looking amused at her. "I guess the storm didn't affect you. Since you're still in your pyjamas and we clearly just woke you." Carrie just rubbed her eyes and closed the door behind them. "Give me thirty minutes to wake up fully and also freshen up for the day. Then I can deal with you lots, make yourselves at home." With that said she made her way to her room, to use the toilet, brush her teeth and take a quick shower.

When she finished bathing and was almost completely dressed, did she remember last night and the wolf? Where was he? She hadn't seen any sign of him in the house. How had he gotten out? The door was locked from indoor. She couldn't have dreamed about talking and petting the wolf, which had even slept beside her on the bed.

She dressed quickly and went downstairs, to see Nikki and Blaine making out on her couch. Ah! They are a couple she thought to herself. She cleared her throat awkwardly and the kissing couple broke apart and grinned at her. "You look nice Carrie." Carrie looked at herself, she had just thrown on a light pink top that bared her stomach, but covered her back and bum jeans. Which to her was a random everyday wear?

"I'm not overdressed am I?" she asked, not that she felt self-conscious if she wanted to hang out with new people at least she should try and fit in and not stand out like a freaking giant beanstalk. "No not at all, people here pretty much wear anything, trust me." Carrie shrugged and sat down on a couch, looking for answers.

"I never told you my name."

"We all know who you are, Carrie Kiss." Blaine said grinning secretly at her, Carrie widening her eye at them, it was a good thing she hadn't used her real name when moving here. She regained her composure and was about ask another question when Nikki asked her a question.

"How old are you?"

"Eighteen. You two?"

Nikki was twenty-one while Blaine was twenty. She had only one important question to ask them before she would allow them to drag her out of her house to wherever they planned on taking her. "So there are wolves in the forest?" they had been shocked at her question, they didn't look like they were about to answer her question so she expatiated a little "Like I keep on seeing this beautiful magnificent mahogany wolf." She said she couldn't bring herself to tell anyone that she had made friends with a wolf; they did think she had lost her sanity or worse yet they would start to doubt her humanity and she couldn't risk that.

"Yes there are wolves in the forest, but I have been told they aren't harmful... so you can rest your mind there." Nikki answered her.

She let out the breath she hadn't known she was holding. Maybe she wasn't really mad at all. She hoped she saw the wolf later.

"So where are you both taking me?"

"To meet the teenage pack, I bet everyone is waiting."

They were taking her to meet their group of friends, and weird they had to use wolf terms to define their group. Maybe they all liked the wolves; Carrie thought to herself and followed the couple out of her house locking the door behind her.

It was like nobody liked using their car in this town, Carrie noticed, a number of people walking around, but didn't complain she liked it, walking and taking in the fresh air as she conversed with the couple who eagerly pointed out places to her, being her first real outing for pleasure for herself and not only Lee and Lace.

"Welcome to Teen Wolves pack." Blaine turned and said brightly to her, making her stop in front of a beautiful white house with the words written on it. "Our parents contributed money and bought the house for the pack and well we decorated it to suit our tastes." Nikki explained and walked up the front stairs of the house. Blaine pushed Carrie to follow Nikki and fell in step behind her.

Nikki opened the door and entered it. "You may come in Carrie." She said joyfully and Carrie just raised her eyebrow at her, of course, she was going to enter invitation or not, it was clear they wanted her to go with them.

"Carrie, you made it!"

Liam heard Nina squeal in excitement. Since when did she and Carrie get acquainted or what was Carrie doing in the pack house? Liam growled quietly, could he not escape her? And now his friends brought her into his lair. Yesterday night, he had just wanted to know how she was faring during the storm and had quickly brushed her mind from his cabin in the woods. When he had felt her fear for the darkness that had been so intense, he knew he couldn't leave her alone.

Now he seemed to remember smelling the faint scents of four of his friends on her front porch, but he hadn't had the time to dwell or to think of what it had actually meant. Then he had left, thinking he could escape from her and not succumb to ravishing her like he wanted to, but instead she had called out in fear for him to come back and him having some sort of weakness for her had gone back to her in a safe form of being the wolf. This had been sweet torture on his part. To have her touch him in such intimate ways and even strip down to nothing in front of him before donning those teasing shorts that barely covered her creamy thighs and a free tank top that accented the curves of her breasts when she was ready to go to sleep. He found himself stretched out on his belly on her bed beside her, she stroked him until she fell asleep. He had proceeded to watch her sleep until he couldn't take it anymore. He had changed back to human form and left through her window as silent as the night sky.

Not wanting her to think he had some sort of weakness for her, he grabbed Mina who was musing over something. Placed her on his laps and attached his lips to hers. Of course, Mina would respond to him, which girl ever resisted him? They all wanted him the humans and the wolves. The female wolves even more so wanting him to bond them for life and become his mate, little did they know his wolf had found his mate, he could feel his blood rushing at her just being near.

Carrie, walked into what looked like the den, and her heart fell a little bit, but that didn't stop her heartbeat from picking up. What was wrong with her? Liam had just helped out her yesterday in a time of need; it didn't mean he was interested in her. And he hadn't been welcoming or friendly towards her the past weeks she had babysat his siblings. But it still hurt her seeing Liam and Mina making out.

"Mina! For Christ sake don't let him use you." Nina screamed and went over and dragged her dazed twin away from Liam, who was smirking. It took all of Liam's might not to stare at Carrie because she looked so innocent and a beauty in her outfit. Mina finally came out of the daze the kiss had wrapped her in and scowled at Liam. Before turning to look at the people standing just inside the door, when she spotted Carrie she beamed.

"Sorry about that. Liam likes taking advantage of the fact that I like him when he knows clearly he isn't going to return those feelings." Carrie stood there in shock, and to her dismay, hope flared up in her chest. She felt a little bit disgusted at herself, for feeling that hope even after hearing Mina talk about how Liam played with her feelings for him.

"Who invited her in?"

Liam asked rudely. Now there was the Liam, Carrie had come to know, not the nice person of the night before. "I did. Now shut it will you." Nikki said to Liam taking Carrie's hand and pulling her fully into the room, to introduce her to the others in the room. She hadn't noticed they were other people in the house.

There were two other girls apart from the twins and Nikki, and the one with big deer eyes was called Bambi, which Carrie thought was ironic. The other was tall, regal and slender with blonde hair. She looked and acted like an ice queen her name Sylvia. Apart from Liam and Blaine, there were four other guys. One looked like a middle schooler and she was right.

Matt and Dan were brothers, with Matt being the elder by a year, both had light brown hair that suited their pretty faces, in fact, everyone in here was pretty. Tony had dark hair and a brooding mysterious air about him like Liam had with her and last but not the least the cute middle schooler, who Mina stated was the newest among them. His name was Erik.

"Carrie is a friend to the pack and we can all say she is safe because Elder Kimber has her watching after his pups."

Carrie smiled at the wolf terms again but didn't say anything. Everyone warmed up to her, except from Sylvia and Liam whom both ignored her. She was indifferent to Sylvia's attitude but Liam was confusing her.

"He is acting that way towards you because he likes you more than he wants to," Nikki said when she had caught Carrie looking at Liam with a confused expression for the fifth time that day, she and Blaine had thrown each other knowing looks. Nikki finally took pity on her.

"Liam doesn't like me. He just tolerates me, because of his parents and siblings." Carrie had answered back to Nikki, who had scoffed and did not say anything else but instead wanted to tease Liam who she knew had been listening to them talk and would probably still be listening. "So tell me about the gorgeous mahogany wolf of yours."

Liam fell off the chair he had been sitting on, which brought laughter to bubble from Nikki. While the others just wondered out loud if he was high on anything. No one had been paying attention to Nikki talking to Carrie, so they would not understand why Liam had fallen. Among the wolves, Liam was the only Mahogany wolf.

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